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         Adult Coloring Books

OK, this might sound a litte crazy... but I am coloring in Adult Coloring books.  I wrote about it in a comment on another post but then thought, why not share it wider? So here it is... silly or not.

Do you know that Adult Coloring Books are the newest fad?

Do you realize Adult Coloring books are great Stress Busters? Psychologists agree that adult coloring is just like meditation... wow! Just a glance at the images below shows you how this can be true...

Imagine coloring these intricate images, selecting colors, and taking your good old swee time playing while your mind relaxes and falls into a meditative type state. Sweet!

This is a cheap form of therapy -- really truly is!

Click on a coloring book below to view it on Amazon.

Lots of my entrepreneur friends with online businesses are coloring as a method of relaxation and stress reduction. They really do enjoy this down-time activity, and I do too!

YES, I am serious.... just never thought of posting this on my site before. 

I doodle... colored pencils (not like the ones from 30 yrs ago) are so nice to blend and play with and I just like to doogle art images sometimes.  These are just the Crayola brand, there are many fancy brands but these do fine for me.

I like Roseart Brand and have oodles of these colors too. I bought them 20 years ago, for card-making, and never used them as I do now.... 

Click on a coloring book below to view it on Amazon.

So many to choose from, and all for ADULTS... this seriously is a great stress-relieving and/or anxiety-relieving way to chill out.

They are so cool!   Try it, You might LIKE it!