Average Retirement Age

Do you know that lots of folks recently searched for the term "Average Retirement Age"?  WHY?  It's a very personal decision!

As I thought about it, I wondered exactly WHAT you might be seeking?

  • To see how early many people retire?
  • To find the norm on how long folks wait before they retire?
  • To find out what the earliest possible Social Security age is?
  • To help make a decision on their own totally personal retirement decision?
  • Is there really an average?

I'm not so sure... after all, retirement age depends on your perspective, your working lifetime, your health, financial status and so much more.

Here are some questions you might ask yourself -- where do you fit in and is retirement logical for you (at whatever age you choose)!

Early Retirement

  • Do you work a lifetime and save lots so you can retire early?
  • Were you forced into an early retirement because of a disability?
  • Does your family history have a shorter life expectancy so you choose to retire early?
  • Was your lifetime focus an early retirement so that you thought about this years ahead?
  • Do you live a frugal lifestyle so that you can retire earlier?
  • Do you choose to retire early for a career change (burned out)?
  • Do you retire early to start your own small business?
  • Do you retire early as you were forced into retirement due to the economy, layoffs, downsizing?

Later Retirement

  • Do you leave employment to go in a entirely different career direction - and enjoy working longer?
  • Do you simply enjoy your employment and feel you have lots to offer still?
  • Do you need to maximize your Social Security benefit (for financial reasons)?
  • Did you work a lifetime, but after paying for children, college, etc, you choose to work longer?
  • Did you stay home and raise kids, and need to work a bit longer now?
  • Are you single and your retirement depends on you alone?
  • Did you divorce late in life and now need to increase your savings before retirement?

I'm sure this quick list is just the tip of the iceberg... what IS the average retirement age?

Please please -- don't let an "Average Retirement Age" become your reason for retirement.

One Size (Retirement Age) Does Not Fit All!

What do YOU think the "Average Retirement Age" is?

Based on your experience, and your friends and family, what do you think is the normal, average retirement age?

If you have any stories on friends or family who retired too young, tell us about WHY you think they retired too early... same with someone who worked too long.

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