Best Retirement Advice:
Retirement Identity & Purpose

You are seeking my best retirement advice, right? 

Are you ready? I'd bet you aren't even thinking in this direction...

My Best Retirement Advice is: Find a New Identity and Retirement Purpose!

Last year, I thought it was about finding Retirement Happiness, and being happy is great, but We Need Purpose to be happy. We weren't created to simply exist day to day. Freedom is fun, for a few weeks, but then -- you are body slammed with the lack of identity and purpose. It happens to far too many retirees...

Do you have Retirement Goals? I challenged retirees and here are a few responses! I hope they push you into action!

Have YOU written your Bucket List? Your ideas don't have to be BIG - but they should inspire you to take action!

Things To Do if You Feel Like Nothing is Working Today...

More soon!