Content in Retirement

by Terry G
(Grovetown, GA)

Terry is married and retired at age 58. He was an Internal Auditor when employed.

Employment History I worked for two employers over my lifetime. One for 23 years and one for 12 years. The first employer was corporate and our company sold. The second employer was a school system.

Why did you retire? I retired voluntarily. As a matter of fact my boss asked me to work several more years at least until 60. I had always planned on retiring early (55) but due to the economy this was pushed back three years.

I found the work unrewarding and tiresome.

When did it REALLY sink in that you were REALLY RETIRED? It is still sinking in that I am really retired. However, it is now the norm that I enjoy my day as opposed to feeling tired, restless, and frustrated.

Was your marriage affected by retirement? I had discussed this for several years with my wife and she was okay with my retirement. Currently money is not an issue and believe that it will not become one down the road.

What's your choice of retirement location? My choice location would probably be Kiawah Island, SC. However, this is probably unlikely due the cost of housing. My wife has three years before she retires so we are staying put for now.

Did you go through a depression when you first retired? No depression, no anxiety. My department sent me off with a party. I was ready to go and this made a difference.

Happiness: I would not say I am happy or sad. I am content. Thirty five years is a long time to think about a goal. When I walked out the door for the last time I felt somewhat stunned.
Is anyone happy go lucky these days?

Hobbies: Fishing, reading, camping, stock market.

If I was to follow you around all day, what would I see you doing? You would see me having breakfast out, coffee, newspaper, walk through Lowes, Home Depot, look for deals, exercise at the Y, watch a movie, clean the house. Do what I want.

What would make your retirement easier? Currently I can't think of anything. More money is always nice, more people to travel with.

Define Retirement Satisfaction: Retirement is being able to do what you want when you want. It means not having to live by a watch. If you sleep a bit later no problem. If you want to have lunch out and take two hours no problem. It means not having to worry about rules and procedures that in many instances are not well thought-out.

What is your biggest retirement challenge?: Keeping my health and the health of my family maintained.

Are you mentally and physically active? I don't exercise or eat well like I should but I am working on it. No puzzles, no writing but read alot.

What worries you? I am not afraid. However, I get concerned that I will forget if I do not act immediately. I do not like to many issues on my plate.

If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for today?
That I was Brad Pitt

Advice for New Retirees: No wise thoughts. Just pace yourself.

Is there anything else you'd like to Share to tell your Retirement Story? Find employment that is satisfying. Thirty five years is a long time to reach for a brass ring.

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Great idea!
by: Betsy

Thanks Terry!! I really enjoyed your post...very interesting way to put stuff in order for a simple, easy summary! It's a great idea and I may use a similar format to write a post here of my recent retirement (4 months ago) in the next couple if weeks!

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