Retirement Living

Retirement Living Is a Journey! -
Not a Destination...

Retirement is the concept we've worked for all those years! We work five days a week, clean and shop the other two days (weekends) and life feels like it passes you by.... and it did as you were so busy working!

Now its time to have FUN... sure we have aches and pains but there is still so much we can do to live life as its meant to be in retirement...

Please add your two cents to any of my retirement pages, to show folks who you are in retirement, and encourage others to find their way in retirement living. Lots of decisions, lots of paths to choose, but there is light at the end of the retirement tunnel where you CAN find fulfillment and joy in retirement!

Finances matter in retirement -- but your TIME also is so precious. You can't just sit there all day, what you DO with your time is very important to your own retirement well being.

The Gift of Time -
What will you do with your gift? 

Looking for something specific? Try Google or this website...or keep on reading below!

Keeping Busy In Retirement

  • What retirement hobbies would you like to begin or get into more?

  • Interested in Online Email Groups for friendship?

  • Let's talk work (yes,employment ) - Where do you work? What about the hours and pay? Do you look for work at home opportunities? I retired to the internet.Share your job with others so they might investigate the possibilities for the same job, where they live, for their own retirement living!

  • Do you volunteer? Share your senior volunteer experiences here so others can get ideas on where to volunteer their services to give back to the community.

  • Do you travel with a Senior Travel Group? Do you do day trips, out of state, or foreign travel? Tell us more!

  • Are you going to have a happy retirement or after retirement, anxiety and depression hits you as a Retiree?

    Location, Location....

  • You have lots of senior independent living options.

  • Do you stay at home when you retire?

  • Downsize to a condo or apartment as a senior in the same area?

  • Try Low Income Senior Housing

  • Move into a Retirement Community?

  • Move across country?

    Finances in Your Retirement Years

  • Do you understand your Social Security and retirement options?

  • Do you need pension plan help?

  • Do you have IRA's or investment accounts?

  • Do you have a disability?

  • Is divorce at retirement a possibility?

  • Do you have a will or other death related legal paperwork? This is some estate planning help.

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    I sincerely hope this Retirement Help page helped YOU!

    Happy Retirement! Wendy

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