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Dec 21, 2014

Be a Kid Again...

Give yourself a gold star for everything you do today. Grow a milk mustache. Open a pack of cupcakes and give one to a friend even though you wanted

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Dec 21, 2014

Loosing myself

I retired at 51 with 30+years. I have been retired for 2 years. Not old enough to attend senior centers (age limit is 55). I had a job Lined up with

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Dec 10, 2014

Trying to Figure it Out

been retired since dec 20 2013. the first little while was one big holiday. do what I want when I want . wow!I started a big garden at home and shovelled

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Dec 10, 2014

Great Website!

Hello! First of all I am very thankful for finding and making friends with two people on this site. We have been pals for the last year and half. They

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Dec 10, 2014

I had to retired three times over 5 years to finally accept retirement.

I had to retired three times over 5 years to finally accept retirement. It is true. I finally found a good woman to retire with. I built a home where

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Dec 10, 2014

Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

I work for the federal government and have done so for 26 years. I truly enjoyed my job in health care until about 3 years ago. I just reached full retirement

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Dec 10, 2014

I do weight training on Tuesday and Thursday

My church offers weight training and areobic for two dollars each session. I could use myYMCA for free because we are chartered. members of the Y.

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Nov 26, 2014

Living together

I retired early to SW France 8 years ago. The village has a bakery, Post office and library. There is an active group for retirees for meals, games afternoons,

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Nov 26, 2014

It is my birthday everyday. I am blessed!

I remember well thinking I am 54 and I will be 55 in a year. The time goes by fast. Especially if you have interest and dreams to work on. I am 66 now.

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Nov 25, 2014

Making the change to retirement, sucks..

Just 27 more days until my retirement date. Its by choice but still unsettling. I found the comment by Dan from MN to be pretty true: If you want to be

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Nov 25, 2014

Should I Stay or Should I go......

I'm 73, thought I retired in 2005 only to find out not enough money coming in, and definitely not enough in savings. I never had a career but ended up

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Nov 25, 2014

How long???

I would like to share my story...its similar to a lot of other retirees. Retired in Dec-2014 , age 60, after 32 yrs of state service. First mistake,

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Nov 25, 2014

3 years retired and caught the retirement blahs

I'm 71. I can go to the gym everyday, all day long if I want to. Trouble is I don't want to do anything. Volunteer; been there, done it. paid work, forget

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Nov 25, 2014

My Retirement......

Hi Everyone, I am so new here, yet loved the invitation to here's my sharing. I retired in 2007, due my darling Husband's illness. My Counseling

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Nov 23, 2014

Premature Retirement

Hi. I was forced to retire on disability due to severe back and health problems. What I have learned is how unfair it is for people like me, who have

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