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Sep 25, 2016

On the Autumn Season

Not much happening this weekend . My usual exercise program in the mornings. I did some yard work, pruning, dead heading some plants, purchased some mums

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Sep 23, 2016

Retirement Savings Plans After Retirement

Retirement Savings Plans After Retirement: Retirees discuss how they continue to save post-retirement

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Sep 22, 2016

Retirement just another phase in life

Here I am 62 years old last year and working as an RN for 37 years in the same Hospital system. Then, it hit me oh my gosh I am the oldest person here

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Sep 22, 2016

Insect bites in UK

I was busy, on my hands and knees, scrabbling around in the soil in the garden when suddenly something dropped down into the cuff of my gardening gloves.

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Sep 22, 2016

Retired Early and Miserable

I took a voluntary redundancy from the public service at age 50, after being there nearly 26 years. The workplace had become toxic and my manager was not

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Sep 17, 2016

Burned out and anxious: 3 years to retirement

So glad I stumbled on this website. I've been a happy, enthusiastic person for most of my life but now, at 61, I feel burned out on my job but that I need

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Sep 15, 2016


We are both retired and have some savings. How do we decide what to spend NOW and what to save for LATER? Do we live on what we're receiving monthly

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Sep 09, 2016

1012 Months

A recent article I read about comparing our lives in months versus years got me to thinking about my next post and what follows is my take on this interesting

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Sep 05, 2016

Unwanted Retirement Advice

Hi, I too am suffering from a very difficult adjustment, or buyer's remorse, as another blogger had called it. I retired primarily b/c of some chronic

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Sep 04, 2016

Deciding whether to retire??

I'm currently out on disability for a broken foot. I am also in need of back surgery. I'm 64. Financially I need to work but, emotionally and physically

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Sep 03, 2016

Cat Tales and Pussy Willows

My cat has no problem with retirement. In fact, he retires most of the day, taking catnaps wherever and whenever he feels like it. He does not suffer

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Sep 03, 2016

Retirement: emotional roller coaster

I've been divorced for pushing 40 years, no 'significant others (trust issues!!) and have been retired 2 months. Voluntary retirement at age 70. I just

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Sep 01, 2016

Recently retired, now have buyers remorse

Hello my name is Mark. I recently retired from the public school system here at age 60 with 22 years of service. I had originally had intended to stay

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Aug 29, 2016

Medicare Options Navigator

Wendy at Retirement-Online doesn't endorse this Medicare Options Navigator, simply because I don't know him... but the post is worthy of your time. Who

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Aug 28, 2016

Mom's 90th Birthday Party

There are 3 photos here... be sure to click on the smaller one under the large photo to view them all! Thanks! Last Sunday was my Mom's 90th Birthday

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