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Apr 14, 2014

Early Retirement, At 72

Early Retirement: I think it is between 65 and 70. I am 72 and just retiring. I think it is a state of mind and how you feel working where you do. I

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Apr 12, 2014

Write the last chapter, or close the book?

Wow! this is a fantastic site. It’s not that misery loves company (I’m sure some passers-by, onlookers, will think that), but those of us going through

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Apr 08, 2014

Early retirement

After 18 years my current job is being out sourced and my services are no longer required. I am eligible for early retirement but can't live on approximately

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Apr 08, 2014

How To Maintain A Healthy Level Of Insanity in Retirement

1. At Lunch Time, Sit In Your Parked Car With Sunglasses on and point a Hair Dryer At Passing 'em Slow Down! 2. On all your cheque stubs,

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Apr 08, 2014 we are!

......Well,well, here we are, finally settled into our new house that I never thought would actually happen! As I sit here with a fire going in the fire

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Apr 07, 2014

Young Retiree

Hi, I am single...which might be a problem, or not. Yes all my friends work. I retired 8 months ago. I had just turned 57 that month. I had worked in a

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Apr 01, 2014

Spouse's Social Security calculation

Potential scenario: 1) my wife and I both fall in the pre-1955 category so we qualified to collect full benefits at age 66 2) I retired at 65 and have

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Mar 27, 2014

The Packing Fool

Yes, dear readers, I have become a packing genius....I see it, I wrap it, I pack it, I load it. I am considering opening up my own moving company/consulting

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Mar 26, 2014


That's the exact amount the young girl with the pierced tongue and basketball hoops for earrings at the Burger King Register told me. I handed her a

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Mar 22, 2014

My Beloved Sam

My Beloved Sam has been gone for 6 1/2 years and there are special times like these that I especially miss him. He had a very deep, quiet sense of humor

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Mar 22, 2014

Top Ten Reasons to Retire

1. Job burn-out 2. Start the home business you've always dreamed of. 3. Wanderlust 4. Creaky joints 5. A boss that knows so little it's frightening. 6.

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Mar 22, 2014

Young Retirees (age 58)

As a teacher, I'm happy I got out of the traditional setting when I did. I am now in a retirement job where I get paid a fair amount and don't have any

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Mar 18, 2014

U.S. Savings Bonds

Retirees, Got uncashed savings bonds?

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Mar 18, 2014

New to Retirement?

Do not obligate yourself to something that might consume to much of your time, or you'll regret it later.. and not allow you to be free to do what you

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Mar 15, 2014

Retiree Writes His own Obituary

Fox News published this obit and I just had to share with retirees. Walter George Bruhl Jr. wrote his own obit. Walter died at age 80, in Florida, and

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