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Aug 28, 2015

Could have planned better

Just before my 65th birthday, I decided it was time to retire. My husband had been happily retired for 8 years and I thought I was ready to join him.

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Aug 28, 2015

Older Peoples Rights

In South Africa we have the Older Peoples Act 13 of 2006, which protects the rights of all elderly people. I believe every Country has basically the same

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Aug 23, 2015

Yesteryears Parents Lost In The Darkness Of Old Age.

Within this modern day and age, it is strange how the dark memories of yesteryear comes to light in one's days of old age. As per my quote; The loneliest

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Aug 23, 2015

Just starting the journey...

My name is Elana, and I am about to retire after 31 years as a NYC elementary school teacher. I am not being forced out, but I am unhappy with the current

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Aug 20, 2015

Retirement Location: Maybe San Diego?

I am just retiring now after 31 years as a NYC public school teacher. I love New York, and have friends and family here, but I hate the winters. I do

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Aug 13, 2015

How to get all my benefit information organized

My oldest son has been questioning me on getting my event of death in order. I have a grave but live out of state now. There are decisions to make as

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Aug 13, 2015

Busy and blessed

I retired/was unemployed six years ago, a carpenter by trade, as well I write for the local paper and have for 25 years. Anyway the first couple years

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Aug 13, 2015

Worse blunder of my life

I worked in dietary for hospitals, nursing homes and some restaurants all my life .It was hard work but I did fairly well. Wanted to retire early so like

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Aug 13, 2015

Adult Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Book are the newest fad... and stress releivers too! Woo Hoo!

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Aug 13, 2015

Finding new hobbies and creativity and inspiration and new passions in a nursing home at 68.

I thought I would be unhappy having to change my life leaving my wonderful, historic home in a village filled with all my passions and my dream jobs. But

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Aug 10, 2015

Retirement: All of this scares me....

I actually retired with a pension and health care three years ago at 56. I then took a similar job at another university. The job was pretty taxing (IT

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Aug 06, 2015

Who am I?

I just retired after about 33 1/2 years at the post office. I hated getting up at 300 a.m. and I hated being trapped there eight hours a day and I was

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Aug 06, 2015

New horizons

I was sort of forced into retirement sooner than expected at the age of 51. Thought I felt I had more years to offer but circumstances dictated otherwise.

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Aug 06, 2015

God's plan for aging

Most seniors never get enough exercise. In His wisdom God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys and

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Aug 06, 2015

White House Conference on Aging

Wish I could have been here, but you can still learn lots from this national aging conference!

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