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Thoughts "About Schmidt"
by: Zenobia

I saw this movie some time ago, and liked it well enough to purchase it. It is one of my favorites and embodies a lot of what retirement is all about including some things that many do not expect or at least do not look forward to like the death of a spouse or even their feelings about the retirement life itself.

When my dad retired he almost immediately became ill with type 2 diabetes. He had planned nothing and did a lot of sitting around and feeling sorry for himself. He had remarried after divorcing from my mother and his wife was a young and ambitious woman.

Nothing wrong with that, but her company was one that required that she traveled a lot and Daddy was left home alone a lot.

Several heart attacks and an amputation made him depressed, and he finally passed on without having much adventure during his short retirement.

About Schmidt gives people many different perspectives about retirement and what it is and is not, along with a laugh or two. I will not disclose anything, as it is an adventure worth looking forward to.

Wendy: Hey, thanks Zenobia! I really was amazed as I watched it today -- just remembering and viewing what someone goes through. The movie really nails it for many retirees!!

About Schmidt
by: Nancy

Caution: contains spoilers.

My father's experiences with retirement are similar to Zenobia's.

My Dad had a Hardware business until he was 64 then sold it and stayed on part-time as an accountant until he was 80. After he retired, he became diabetic, had colon cancer, got pneumonia after the surgery and wasn't the same until he died at 90. He just sat around in his chair not doing much, although he did read.

As for the movie, I identified with a lot of what Schmidt went through. That especially empty feeling right after. The going back to the work place.

I went back to my work place 3 times. The first time I had to go back b/c I found some things at home that belonged to the office. I only stayed a few minutes b/c my husband was waiting downstairs.
The second time I went back while my husband was getting the oil changed in his truck, again only about 5 or 10 minutes. The 3rd time I went back with my friend Pam and we stayed longer. This was the time that reminded me of the movie.

The girl who had taken over my caseload and my workspace had bought herself a fancy monitor. I was told by my secretary that this girl had had the most number of successful closures in the whole state the year after I left. That bothered me a lot b/c many of those closures were ones I had done and she got the credit and also I had done much of the work! And if I hadn't trained her, she would have had to learn the job on her own like I did! I couldn't wait to leave, but had to wait till Pam wanted to leave.

This movie, as well as this website have helped me gain perspective about retirement.

The movie had a very heartwarming ending which gave me a positive message about retirement.

Thanks, Wendy, for the suggestion of this movie.

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