Aging and Fitness

Sometimes I wonder if much of Aging is in our own heads... yes, we decline as we age, but what we think we can do (and DO) is a  huge part of physical decline. I think we sometimes stop trying...

Earlier today, I posted  Aging Fashionistas so when I saw this man on tv, I just had to post the Men's side of Aging oh-so  nicely!

Sy Perlis, at age 91, (YES, NINETY-ONE) is a weightlifter. This man actually bench-pressed 187.2 pounds breaking the world record in the 90 and Over age group. Perlis is a World War II veteran who completes five workouts a week! That is just amazing! At age NINETY-ONE!

Mr. Perlis did miss the 2012 competition as he needed a pacemaker at that point, but he participated and set the world record in 2013!

Pretty Amazing Stuff, huh?

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