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Boomer Biz is More than just Money

Forbes published "Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company For Retirement Income?"  here:  Multi-Level Marketing.

My post is not about the MLM concept but about Boomers and a great reason to start an online business.... the BEST reason in my book!

I totally believe that retirement is more about doing something to be happy -- than the money itself. Yes, of course, lack of income and savings makes a difficult life. However, many of the boomers on my site have the income and are totally unhappy anyways.

WHY oh WHY is that?

We need purpose in life.

We all need to be needed.

We all need to lead fulfilling lives. 

Boomers (as retirees) aren't our parents as retirees. We are a new breed of retiree, and we want to be busy, fulfilled, happy...



I work in MY HOME, on MY TIME, in MY bluejeans and tshirt, and enjoy every moment.

You Can Too!

Many retirees quickly realize, post retirement, something is missing. It's like the old song, "Is that all there is?"

With a home business, you can re-energize your life, meet new friends, and simply gain a new revitalized lifestyle, not to mention additonal income!

Owning a business on the internet is NOT Get-Rich-Quick stuff. It does take work and committment -- but getting there is half the fun!

I LOVE connecting with Boomers! I LOVE finding new friends!
I LOVE writing on my Blog!
I LOVE feeling connected!
I love the ENERGY I gain from my sites! Totally motivating!

Finally, I LOVE NAMS... (Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems).

I love NAMS Insiders as they are my rock and keep me challenged and yet, centered. They are my daily coffee break, co-workers, and motivators.

I just feel so humbled to be able to do this! Gratitude... totally!