Lost Family and Friends

Are you interested in finding your lost family and lost friends?

Some time ago, I added "lost pen pals" to my pen pal website -- and I'm surprised to see how many visitors take time to add their own lost pals to my site.

THEN, even more surprising, was to see how many FOUND their pals. Some wrote letters as kids, and 30 years later, reconnected via my site. I'm amazed...

I think sometimes people search for themselves online. Other times a friend or family writes in to say they know where the person is.

SO if you've lost contact with a family member over time -- or -- have a long lost friend that you'd love to find again...complete the form below and I'll get in on the website. Then, keep your fingers crossed and see what happens! Be sure to leave your email address after you submit the form so when someone comments, in the future, you will get the response!

It does take time, but maybe you'll get a surprise email saying we found your long lost family or friend! I hope so!

P.S. This is for Retirees Only... I can't keep up with more than that as this will be loads of work.

Finally, if you only submit a one liner with Name, and age.. I will delete. You need to post some details, how you lost touch, a story you remember of them from long ago... something that will help others to find your lost one.. ok?

Thanks and Best Wishes! Wendy