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Linda is a Christian Blogger who will write for Retirement-Online. 

Linda retired in 2016 from an Registered Nurse position with 25 years of service.

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I am a lifetime follower of Jesus, whose mission and personality have throughout life been a source of great interest to me.  I am not a “regular” in the pew of any denomination at this time, but I consider the Lutheran Church as my spiritual foundation, having attended Sunday School and services at the Bethany Lutheran Church in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, as a child during the 50s. In my adult years my main affiliation has been with the Methodist Church, although on a sporadic basis. 

After obtaining a Bachelor’s in Sociology in the early 70s I completed a 2 year Associates Degree in Nursing. I have worked for approximately 25 years as a Registered Nurse, and more recently as a Medical Transcriptionist in a small, rural hospital about 50 miles from Buffalo, New York.  This is the job I held until March of 2016, when it was outsourced to India and I began to collect my state pension.

After a lifetime of searching, reading, studying and experimenting with all kinds of spirituality, I find myself remembering with bittersweet sentimentality the sweet Jesus of my Sunday School years, He who has tenderly shepherded me for the past half a century. Thrashing about in the waves like our Lord’s beloved Peter I have nearly drowned, unable to believe I need only reach out my hand.  Life happened, as it does for all of us.

I believe retirement can be a time of reaching out our hand to Jesus, to God the Father, to the Comforter he has promised us.   The sacred speaks to us every day, through inspiring books, through nature, through friends and family, through Holy “coincidences” that put us just where we need to be at just the right time, through nature and especially through our pets.   Animals have many lessons to each us if we can just humble ourselves and listen.  These are the types of thoughts I anticipate exploring and sharing in this series of blogs.

My prayer is that this blog will be an opportunity to share with/teach each other how God speaks to us in the silence and solitude of retirement, how he comforts us, and how he perfects us as we near the end of exile on this wildly beautiful planet and prepare for the journey home.  I look forward to our conversations!  

 Blessings and Light from Lynda.

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