Retirement Downsizing and Creative Living

Creative Ways to Make a Small Living Room Work for You

Many retirees downsize after retirement -- why not?

Make it easy on yourself in a smaller home or condo.

If you have a small living room, there are ways to make that small space work for you rather than against you.

Creative Furnishings

There are many options when it comes to seating arrangements in your living room. One of the best options, however, is to buy furnishings that double as storage space.

Ottomans are a perfect example of how to creatively make a small living room work for you. Ottomans can store blankets, pillows, and throws, or even linens for overnight guests. 

Benches are a great way to add extra seating arrangements and store great stuff. Books, heavy-duty blankets, movies, music, and even electronics can all be stored inside benches. You can even store bench cushions when not in use. 

Futons work perfectly to accommodate extra seating and are great to use as a pull-out sleeper for company.

Tables with storage and plenty of it is another great way to accommodate a small space. Tables that have cubby spaces for things like playing cards or remote controls are a great way to store small items. Tables that lift up completely to reveal storage are another good way to make a small living room work for you.

Wall Space

Many folks overlook the walls of their living room when it comes to finding extra storage space. However, wall space can be used as store cubbyholes for picture frames and decorative items.

Wall space is also a great place to push a high backbench with storage underneath. Guests can make themselves at home sitting on the bench up against the wall while never knowing that there is storage below.

A folding table can be opened up in front of the bench for company and then put away when not needed.

A shelve hung with hinges at just the right level on a wall is perfect for laptop use and can be folded downward when not in use. 

Another great use for wall space is a table top size piece of wood with hinges and support - perfect for a light snack or cup of tea.

When not in use, the table can be folded down and put away, creating more room in a small space.

Fold and Go

Folding tables and chairs were invented for a reason. They are great to use when you need them and even greater when you do not.

Folding chairs are easily stored in a closet or even under a bed when not in use, but make perfect sense for additional company. Folding tables can be pulled out for extra company and put away when not in use as well. Folding tables are easily decorated with nice tablecloths.

These are just some ways to be creative when trying to make a small living room more inviting.