Retirement Jobs

 Looking for Retirement Jobs?

Are you retired and looking to work for financial reasons, for a social network, to keep yourself physically and mentally fit, or just simply to get out  of the house? 

We can't retire and become Couch Potatoes... that's not good for our physical bodies and not good for our mental well being either! 

You can work from home too! Work is work. Income is Income.

Just depends how you choose to work, your reasons for work. I, personally, am working online. I have no social network in the home so I need to do lunch with friends often. I also have to be sure to keep moving (and fit)!

If you have friends (for nice lunches and get togethers), that's great. If you have retirement hobbies and interests that keep you busy and happy, that's great too! But if you don't - perhaps its WORK that keeps you happy!

We choose to take retirement jobs for a variety of reasons:

  • To have an identity outside the home - just "to be"!
  • To socialize - sitting in a house or apartment daily just doesn't keep you happy...
  • To keep busy, rocking chairs don't suit boomer retirees
  • To keep your mental and physical self well... this is a biggie!
  • And, of course, to aid your finances. Even if you don't need more income, you can add to your retirement savings account for your later years. 

Websites and Retirement...Time, Income, Perfect Match!

Retirement jobs are a win-win... for you and the employer.

To work or not to work, that IS the question! Jobs after retirement... is this right for you?

There are lots of reasons to consider working longer, even past your "full retirement age" with Social Security. Working longer? Yes, working one extra year might mean three years of retirement funds to you!

You might even consider an online retirement income. Try my ideas for an online retirement opportunity. It's not big money, but it is working from the comfort of your home, day or night... and depending on the time spent, can earn you a nice supplemental retirement income!

You can also work online like me... Have you ever considered retirement income by writing a website? Retire to the Internet! Using a great web building system, you find a niche you are interested in writing about, find the correct keywords to write about, and build the website (no need to know website code either). Be your own boss and be a website owner!

Wendy Loves Her Websites... Retirement, Here I Come!

Here are some visitor submissions that might help you...

Please consider leaving a comment at the end of their pages. Your encouragement or idea might truly help someone else! Thank you!

Michael believes most Americans want to keep working in retirement.

Bob, senior turned hobby playing bridge into his Dream Retirement Job!

Dee retired and now is a senior working from home! Just like me... freedom at home and yet an income coming in.

John has a senior job. I own a used book store.

Then after all that -- Joe says: Why Work? Just another perspective... be sure to read the comment under his first post and my reply! Just more to consider...

There is no wrong or right -- the decision to retire is so darn personal, just trying to make sure you did think it out, before you walk out that retirement door! 

Retire To Something

 More Resources:

 Retired Brains website is pretty cool as you can choose job categories you are interested in, from your location, and register so they will email jobs to you. You can also post your resume out there.

SCORE  is a free non-profit mentoring and counseling organization for small business. If you have business experience, maybe this is for you... sounds like a great volunteering opportunity!

The Senior Job Bank is another place to try. I did search for two jobs in Michigan, selected "all" (full time, part time, etc), and it found no jobs at all. Nor surprising in this economy... but it might have something for you!

Tell us about your Post-Retirement Work....

Do you work? Full time? Part time? Same occupation that you held prior to retirement - or did you find a completely new path to follow in retirement? Is your job a new challenge or a no-brainer job to get you out of the house? Do you work because you need the income or because you need to work and simply get out of the house a bit?

Job Submissions from Visitors:

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