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Apr 26, 2019

Retired Husband wants constant sex

My husband has decided that we should have sex every day and sometimes more than once. He is 74 and I am 68. We have been together for 36 years and married

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Apr 26, 2019

Road to Perdition?

I retired in May of 2016 at age 66 from a university staff position that kept me very busy. I was also taking lots of free classes that the university

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Apr 26, 2019

New At This

Hi everyone I've been in great health all my life. Retired at 55...I look 40..😉 I'm 58 now. But....it feels weird some mornings with nothing to do.

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Apr 23, 2019

Reverse Mortgage Calculator: Easing Your Financial Fears

Reverse Mortgage Calculator: Easing Your Financial Fears with a Reverse Mortgage

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Apr 20, 2019

The Big Retirement Mistake and How to Avoid It

Many of us will get to a certain point in our lives where we are no longer able to care for ourselves. In that event, our family then generally provides

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Apr 16, 2019

Same as others, Husband issues

I retired 6 years ago, I'm a young 70 and my husband retired almost 20 years ago, he's 76. We did not meet until 15 years ago and have separated 3 times

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Apr 16, 2019

A Little Bit of Kid in All of Us

I think there is a little bit of kid in all of us regardless of age. Take a look at the video link below and just appreciate the innocence of the kid

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Apr 14, 2019

Finding myself again (in the Canary Islands)

When my husband and I retired (from London in the UK) we chose to live in a place where we had holidayed many times, Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria in the Canary

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Apr 12, 2019

Unexpected at 52

My father and mother had a terrible car accident back in 2017, my dad did not survive and my mom was badly injured. She moved in with us to help care

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Apr 12, 2019

Ya Gotta Laugh At This One

Some folks just don’t seem to have a sense of humor these days. I think many have forgotten how to laugh regardless of how silly or warped humor might

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Apr 10, 2019

Parental Guilt & Shame

I retired last June from a very busy job (providing support and assistance to individuals with acquired brain injury) where I had a lot of responsibility

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Apr 09, 2019

Physical Activity As We Age

20 years ago Scuba Diving to 100 ft. was a challenge I accepted and met. White Water Rafting on a Force 5 river was another. Walking and carrying a bag

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Apr 07, 2019

Meaning in Retirement

Hello! I'm a 68-year-old widower and have been retired for six years. I've read so many retirement posts that have a real sense of lostness about them...

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Apr 05, 2019

Anyone else want to live in a cottage community in New Hampshire?

In 2017, my husband and I sold our large home in NH. Since then we have been able to buy a park model with a linai and totally enjoy our winters in Florida.

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Apr 02, 2019

Robo / Telemarketer Calls

I can only imagine what Wendy will say about this one. It would probably pretty easy to say that most, if not all of us, have received several robo and

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