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You can easily schedule your half-hour session here.  This is a confidential, comfortable space where you can talk through your thoughts and feelings honestly, without fear of feeling judged. 

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This is a easy way for retirees to voice their concerns. Sometimes, a simple chat will help relieve anxiety. Sometimes, all we need is to talk our issue out with a non-judgemental person, who doesn't know our history and only wants to help us move forward in our retired years. 

We will chat for half-hour about your circumstances in retirement. Who knows... maybe I'll have a new perspective for you to ponder over. Maybe simply talking it out will help you untangle the crazy worry in your mind so you can begin to live again. Maybe you will resolve your own problem, simply by chatting about it.

I will contact you via email a few minutes before our meeting. Just call the telephone number in the email, or click the link to meet face-to-face online, and we will talk together for 30 minutes. Really simple.

Just a half-hour no-obligation chat. 

Gilovich, Professor of Psych at Cornell, does many studies. He once looked at people who have had negative experiences that hindered their future happiness. However, once they had the chance to talk about it, their assessment of that experience goes up. He explains that something that might have been stressful or scary in the past can become a funny story to tell later... Source: Fast Company

Let's chat and get past your negative retirement memories. Retirement isn't a funny story, but talking certainly can help!

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p.s. I hope our short chat helps you to find new retirement options!