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This is a easy way for retirees to voice their concerns. Sometimes, a simple chat will help relieve anxiety.

Sometimes, all we need is to talk our issue out with a non-judgemental person, who doesn't know our history and only wants to help us move forward in our retired years. 

We will chat for half-hour about your circumstances in retirement. Bring whatever you care to bring to the table... simply chat about life concerns to help you live your retirement years in peace. 

Who knows... maybe I'll have a new perspective for you to ponder over. Maybe simply talking it out will help you untangle the crazy worry in your mind so you can begin to live again. Maybe you will resolve your own problem, simply by chatting about it... it happens! (see the Cornell professor thoughts below)

I will contact you via email a few minutes before our meeting. Just call the telephone number in the email, or click the link to meet face-to-face online, and we will talk together for 30 minutes. Really simple.

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I have been working with Wendy, the Retirement Coach and have been following her blog for about three years. Wendy is one of these rare jewels that really understands the plight of the newly or not so newly retired. She has tremendous insight into the emotional components that retirees have to face when they lose their work identity. They feel there is no where to turn and then there is Wendy!!!  She has tremendous insight into the emotional components that retirees have to face. She is truly refreshingly selfless in her approach and is 100% on your side in every conceivable way possible. Wendy is giving, insightful heartfelt and a amazing gift to the retirement world. Without a doubt I give Wendy as A+ as a person, selfless caretaker, and above all a retirement motivator.

Heartfelt cheers to Wendy, the Retirement Coach!!!

Steven, an educator for 34 plus years

Negative Experiences Hinder Future Happiness

Gilovich, Professor of Psych at Cornell, does many studies. He once looked at people who have had negative experiences that hindered their future happiness. However, once they had the chance to talk about it, their assessment of that experience goes up. He explains that something that might have been stressful or scary in the past can become a funny story to tell later... Source: Fast Company

Let's chat and get past your negative retirement memories. Retirement isn't a funny story, but talking certainly can help!

Christian Perspective

On Friday Nights, I attend a Growth Group from church. Great group of Christians and we really support each other, between lots of laughs and truths. Recently, we did the  Transformed 2.0 series by Rick Warren, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

One night was about Emotional Health... something lots of anxious retirees are dealing with. One of the concepts besides taking your worries to God (rather obvious in a Christian study) was about finding a trusted friend to talk out your concerns. It is emotionally draining to keep it inside. Rick Warren says:
"Holding on to hurt is like carrying hot coals in your heart -- you're the one who is going to be burned."

If you don't have a non-judgemental trusted friend to confide in, please consider scheduling a call below. This is simply a 30-minute chat. Recently, someone asked me if a credit card was required... No! I don't sell my coaching with these calls, I am simply trying the best I know how to listen to retirees. I allow you to voice your issues in a confidential place and I pray that most retirees walk away with a new sense of peace of mind. Please... LET IT GO!

AND -- if you are that trusted confidential friend, here's a little advice that is SO WISE but not easy to do:

Don't try to change people. Don't try to fix people.

Heal People with Your Ears.

-- Rick Warren, Transformed 2.0

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At the present time, I only do Thursday mornings for free chats. If that doesn't work for you, write to me under the Contact Wendy page! -- See About Me, Contact Wendy to the right!

P.S. On Vacation - October - Early November, will be back soon!

p.s. I hope our short chat helps you to find new retirement options!