Yearly Free Credit Report

Everyone should request a yearly free credit report.

Credit reporting company free addresses here.

This is an example of a credit report request if you would prefer to send it via postal mail instead of ordering the report online. Just open your office word processing software, and cut and paste the letter in.

Directions on cut and paste:

  • Run your mouse (left click and drag) through the full letter, let go and the text should be highlighted
  • Right click, hit COPY
  • Open the word software and right click again, hit PASTE
  • Add your data and print!                               

Letter To Credit Reporting Agency

To Whom it May Concern:

Please consider my request for a Credit Report, as follows:


Current Address:
Proof of my current address is attached.

Current Telephone Number:

Prev. Addresses in Past Five Years:

My Social Security Number:
My date of birth:
My current employers name and address:
My Spouse's Name:

Thank you for your cooperation.


Type your name here and sign above your name after printed......