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September 10, 2023

Good Morning!

I'm back with #2 newsletter from my website server. So easy peasy. Don't overthink it, Wendy!

Are you an over thinker like me? I am in a 30-day challenge right now, and Kelly always looks at her wrist, a hand flashes at the screen wearing a "what if it were easy?" bracelet.

Yes, what if? We do tend to overthink all the possibilities until we are "stuck" and do nothing instead. Well, not this month as I am in Motivation Mode, once again! WOOOT!

As the President of the Retirees Association, I have to speak twice this month. I'm not a speaker! I like one-on-one interactions. I prefer the written word so I can think about it silently as the words flow on the screen. BUT -- I am jumping outta introvert mode, not once but twice, to speak at the County Retiree Lunch and two weeks later at the County Retiree Association Lunch (where I am President). Jumping feet first out of my comfort zone...

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