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September 23, 2023

Good Morning!

What a busy busy month its been for me... full of momentum and yet, then I need to sneak away and renew myself (introverts need this). I attended two luncheons and spoke to the group (yikes!), had a root canal (double yikes), and attempted to manage the online challenge too!

Thanks ever so much to the retirees who hit REPLY and wrote to update me about life. I responded to each and every one of you, and it was fun to see my email box full of friendly emails. Many thanks!

Second, last Tuesday, in the midst of my hectic Challenge Month, I jumped into the Retirement Coaches Assn conference. It is completely virtual now (zoom). I attended for a few years in person too. Love hearing updates from the retirement world, and how others are helping retirees.

Knowledge is power, never stop learning (whether its about canning fruits, growing houseplants, living a frugal lifestyle, making money online, or updating your retirement skills!

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Please write and share your retired life, thoughts and ideas with others! HELP AND BE HELPED.. or simply share some FUN!

To an Amazing, Fun, Friendship-Filled Retirement Journey! Until Next Time,

Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

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