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Retirement Insider: Another Weekend, Already!
January 18, 2014

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Here in Michigan (USA), snow has come, gone, and returned again,... freezing temps back again too! It's getting old at this point, waiting for Spring to blossom!

I am headed to Atanta, GA for a website conference early February. It's NAMS11 and I can't wait! Anyone else working on the internet and want to join me?

Are you relatively new to retirement and still haven't quite found yourself? Free program called Retired: Who Am I?

Retirement-Online Updates

Tom shares his thoughts on Being Alone, There comes a Time.

Tom also wrote a follow up to Being Alone. Part Two: How to keep busy and get social.

Irwin says: You Can't Take it With You..

ET writes about Retiring and Living in a Small Town. Interesting!

Mary has a problem with her retired husband... Any suggestions?.

I welcome your retirement thoughts! Please write and share your retired life, thoughts and ideas with others!

Retirement Online Community

899 members -- one more and we break 900! Come and find new friends to write to (privately or in the community)! Why not share life with someone new?

Pen Pal Ads tab: post your own pen pal request and see who writes to you, just like before, on my site! Fun Fun!

To a Fun, Amazing, Wonderful, Friendship-Filled Retirement Journey!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Until Next Time, Wendy, having fun! *´¨)
Your Retirement Coach

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