Senior Friend Finder

If you are seeking Senior Friends, you are at the right place.

This website has several different options to find new senior friends online. Sometimes it gets downright confusing... 

A few years ago, I posted senior pen pal ads directly on the site. The problem was that scammers abused these friendships, so now this site is more secure for senior pals.

Read on to find lots of opportunities to connect with retirees from around the world!

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 Register for the email workshop and I'll help you, step by step, find new friends using this website.

Each email explains a different part of my website and how to use it to find new friends.

This is a new -- Senior Pen Pal Newsletter. You must have your ad published to buy a copy, then everyone is on equal ground. Find friends to share life with -- snail mail or email -- whatever you prefer.

This is my Retirement-Online Community - a private forum where every member is approved into the group.

Finally, this page simple shows Senior Pal comments from users of this site.