Retired: Who Am I?

Did you lose your self-identity along with your paycheck?

FREE Coaching Class for New Retirees!

RETIRED: WHO AM I? is a new program geared towards the recent retiree who is struggling with issues of identity loss and purpose. 

  • Identity loss: you are no longer the manager, office clerk, teacher, or custodian you were for years, now what?
  • Purpose: you have no purpose in life, tv takes over as you watch it blindly, you are bored, lifeless, nobody needs you.

Retirees on Retirement-Online have confirmed, over and over again, that this is a truly crippling issue they confront as they attempt to move into the retirement lifestyle.

Hi. I'm Wendy Fisher, a certified Retirement Life Coach and just like you, a retiree. I've lived what you're going through now and have emerged on the other side happy and productive. Read my story here. I am now living my retirement years to the fullest instead of just 'being retired'.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to help others find themselves in this next exciting stage of life.

Why This Program?

In this free course, I'll guide you as you delve into what makes you tick -- in order to develop your own customized action plan for a Retirement Identity that returns passion and purpose to your life.

You have likely never explored yourself like you will under my Retired: Who Am I? program.

Your Pledge:

To be accepted into the free Retired: Who Am I? program, you must pledge to...

  • Be completely honest with yourself
  • Dedicate the necessary time to thoughtfully complete the exercises
  • Join a private Facebook Group that includes other participants to facilitate sharing thoughts and experiences. 

Completing the form below, signifies your pledge...

Why is it free?

The biggest obstacle to offering a program for free is the price. For many (myself included) if I haven't spent my own hard-earned cash, my follow-through, no matter how good my intentions are, tends to be  rather half-hearted. 

But I'm betting on you!

And your desire to live a full and productive life in retirement.

WHY am I telling you this? Because only serious retirees need apply. I want to work with people who really want to find themselves - not curiousity seekers. I hope you understand as I will put time and effort into helping you think this through...

**After this first introductory program, Retired: Who Am I? will be priced at $97.

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