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Retirement Insider -- Three-Year Retirement Anniversary!
April 20, 2013

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First, this week marked my three year anniversary for retirement. Woo Hoo!

Second, I am hosting a contest on my site: $500 Spring Into Cash Giveaway! I am hoping a Retiree WINS. That would be so cool! As a website/blog owner, I paid towards the grand prize of $500. There are lots of ways to enter, and you gain more entries! Now I hope you will enter to win, as I am Praying for a Retiree Win!

Retirement-Online Updates

I updated my own retirement story: Three Year Retirement Anniversary. I feel like I am finally REALLY moving past retirement. I am so glad I've continued to document my own story (under "about me" at the bottom of the left column). Its interesting to be able to look back at what my thoughts were and NOW to see reality about what I wrote. Yes, I think about retirement way too much.

Ok, Enough about Me...

Ricardo posted his thoughts, Ten Weeks and Counting. As he says, he is a rookie in retirement but seems to be moving along nicely!

Sharyn writes about her own low income retirement community. Are they all so UNfriendly? Please comment...

Anonymous is working past age 70 and needs a retirement account over age 70.

John from Texas contributed some humor on the Summary of Life.

Larry will work until he hits age 62 in July... here is what Social Security will do that first year.

Retirement Online Community

Weather Anyone? 32 replies!

Irwin blogs on: George Carlin: wiser than many gave him credit for.

Nina writes about Joy of Life: Joie de Vivre and it has 34 replies!

Retirement Community: Senior Pen Pals

600+ members in the Retirement Community now. To join, just click on the two smiling faces in the right column of the website!

To a Fun, Amazing, Wonderful, Friendship-Filled Retirement Journey!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Until Next Week, Wendy, having fun! *´¨)

Retire to the Internet.... like me.

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