Low Income Retirement Community.. Mine's not good.

by Sharyn

I live at a seniors building for people who are 60 or older! The building is very old almost 40 years now, still has that ugly peacock blue paint at the front entrance of the building, the region tries to keep up to date but very minimally!

The problem is, with this building & l'm sure there may be others out there, NO-ONE wants to get involved with other human beings who live at the same address~must sound crazy but that's what l think.

I'm not a stupid person, I retired after a 25 yr. nursing career & so l know a little bit about what's going on! Living in this kind of environment is toxic!

I'm serious, one hardly sees who lives right next door! The key holder lives next to me, 6 yrs. now & IF l do see her in passing, Hi is all she says!

32 tenants pay rent here, some don't understand English ~ feel they are to old to learn ~ but if they live to be 100, why do they feel they may not have enough time to learn?

There is parking for 12 cars in the lot out front, no visitor parking at all! l guess cause we are over 60, we don't bring our lovers' up to our place for COFFEE! No overnight parking for them.

The other 20 tenants buy a bus pass or take a taxi wherever! l live here because l have a limited income each month-not because l want to live here!

When l do come home from an outing, l feel like l am entering the TWILIGHT ZONE - A feeling of total isolation, like l don't exist any longer. YES, I have tried to make friends with some of these people, however, they are behind closed doors and don't want to be bothered.

Well maybe l will win the lottery and then l can move to a REAL retirement community where people are more friendly~~

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To Sharyn Canada
by: Anonymous

Hey Sharyn, glad to hear you're so full of life. I guess I missed that in your first message.

I'm like you in that I am a young retired person only 62 but just as good as I ever was. I can pretty much do everything now that I did when I was 20 only better!

It seems like you are going to have to get with like minded folks, not necessarily retired folks, for some hair raising activities.

When my wife and I visit her mom in her retirement home we feel like kids. I hope our good health lasts for a long time.

by: Anonymous

I posted a few days ago about living in an all age apt complex and having one friend. I joined a book club that meets one Thursday a.m. per month and a group of women called Helping Hands. I have just begun these 2 new journeys so I can't report yet if this will help me or not but I'm sure hoping they will----I so need to be connected to people and my community! Mary

Talk Back
by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Dearest dearest DEAN!

R U kidding me?

Sorry, l don't want scrabble, bingo, cards, those r for old people! l want bowling, white water rafting, bungy cord jumping, playing slow pitch, games with a little bit of umf in them. Hiking in our beautiful Canadian provincial parks, camp fire at nights, swimming in the lake, cooking my catch over a camp fire yummy*

Dean, l am after all ONLY 65 going on 45**

However, thanx for your input~~~~~~~~~~~~

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by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Thank u all for your comments! l understand now that living in places like this is not uncommon so l must invent a different perspective if l want to have a fulfilling next 20 or so years?

l am 65 however, l am healthy strong bright and insightful. Yes, 1 answer is to get up & out of the building, l must get involved more with my community outside of this depressing complex!

l must tell u though, in this building there is a wonderful big lounge where the furniture is new, very comfortable & seats 9 people, coffee table & end tables also new. Nice carpet as well!

Remember, no-one WANTS to be involved so , the only x residents go into that lounge is to top-up the laundry card from their debit card from the machine provided in that room!! Go figure* Also, a fridge & stove if a resident would like to have an event with family.

Anyhow, thank u all for your comments & God bless.

What a little planning can do
by: Anonymous

I live in a senior only complex. 55 and up. Some are in their late 90's. There is underground parking and parking out front for visitors. People can come but can stay only 2 days. That is usually a weekend.

Many people do stay in their apts but other do get out. We have many events. Last night we had a "prom Night" with a dinner and big band and dancing. The kids from the high school made desert and had a raffle. It was loads of fun talking to them. There was van transportation to the building where it was held. That morning we had coffee and coffee cake delivered by the staff.

There is transportation 2x a week for grocery shopping. We have to push a button each morning by 10 to check in and there are pull cords in the walk-in shower and bed room.

The only problem is the cost. My apt with a den is 1275 per month. I could not afford it with out my pension. I retired at 70. So it was a good idea that I have one.

The Sun makes a dif!
by: Anonymous

Hi Sharyn... Ugh. I'm sorry your situation is what it is. You sound so full of ?life and connected. They are not. God bless them. Not sure where Waterloo is.

I live in my home still bc its more reasonable to. i think about moving to a condo or rental situation for the social aspect.

But wanted to tell you about my little trip to Florida. I just returned from There (first time I've been able to travel south for 5 wonderful weeks) my friend and i stayed at an over 55 complex.

I am telling you the people are so friendly and outgoing there - It was lovely. This was true for the whole area. i would love to live there. Maybe some day. Guess the sun makes a huge difference for us over 55 folks.

Anyway I was imagining you living there and loving it!

Now is the time to make changes!
by: Jeff

I understand what you are saying about not knowing who is next door and drugs.

At our center we have a resident group that sets up dinners, bingo, and darts. At the present time I am working to become President of this group, I want to bring items to vote for things to do on the weekends, answer questions, and most of all set up a group to become the Welcome Wagon. I

f you don't like what you have now, then get out and make change happen. You have rights and you should know what they are and how to use them.

by: Mary

I'm so sorry to hear this! We live in an all age apt complex and it is very like that here. I have made one friend....sounds like one more than you have....but on the whole, I also feel isolated here. People only say hi if I say hi first. Loneliness stinks!

Home Sweet Home
by: Joe W.


Hi! I don't know if you are in your 60's, 70's or older. Are you living in a private low-income seniors' apartment OR a government funded one?

My advice would be to find more activities outside the apartment at least during the daytime. Seniors generally have their own rythem and in my experience they can be as different as night and day. I think that is very important to find your own interests and activities through self-discovery and go from there whereever it takes you. Whatever happens inside the building is beyound your control.

Go for it!

Joe W.

I understand
by: Eva T.

It's the same way where I live, in N.C.and they're english speaking people. "Neighbors" don't even ask you to visit here. There is a married couple who are from Georgia, so nice, but not permanent residents residents. It's a mobile home retirement park,and we have our own lots, but at least we wave or speak to each other.I wish we could win the lottery, but then would we be safe?

Hard to say, at least we could help each other out (especially the poor) financially, right? I'm all for helping each other out,and there are quiet a few who need it. And it ain't getting any easier. Take care, hope you find a better place soon.

Low income houseing
by: Shirley

I have been trying to get into low income houseing for 4 years. Like you I live on limited income. I moved into a place that was suppose to be changing over to a seniors complex.

There are only 12 units here. Their are 3 seniors here the rest are young people. The problem is one senior is an alcoholic. and has lived here for years her son comes here to see her and sells drugs. The other senior is moving in May and she has her son living and a grandson living here. On one side of me is a girl who is 47, she lives with her boyfrend who is 35. On the other side are drug addicts. Man and lady in their 40s.

I have to keep calling the police, who come and do nothing, but tell them to shut up. They smoke crack and it stinks up my apartment. The man who runs this place has taken these people in to court 2 time and they do not put them out.

The rent here is 850.00 a month which does not leave me much to live on. I also have a car and I have to keep the upkeep on it. Their is also no visiters parking here.

I will be glad to get into a seniors place so I will have more money.

It does not matter where you live. People are not friendly. I volunteer once a week. I try to stay busy so I don't have to deal with these people.

I like living here because their are no stairs to clime and I can walk right from my car into my apartment. But I really can not afford this place.
So I am counting my time until I can move into a seniors apartment.


low income living
by: Anonymous

I live in a low income building. Here the age starts at 55. They have Bingo on Saturdays, a bus comes once a week to take people to the casino and for lunch, and there is one person who loves to cook for a crowd, so once a month or so she cooks a meal that costs only $3 or is free. All this happens in a community room. I rarely join in the community events as I am gone every day helping my daughter with her children.

Maybe you can ask the management to establish a community room.

A Suggestion
by: Dean

Do they have any community functions you could be involved in? My mother-in-law lives in a senior's building up north and they have scrabble nights, bingo nights and pot lucks. If nothing like that maybe you could be an instigator?

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