Ten Weeks.....and counting

by Ricardo

Ricardo here checking in with all you lovable retirees or soon to be's or wanna be's. It has been approximately ten weeks since I left my position that I had been with for some thirty eight years.

It started out back in the spring of "75" as a part time position until I found "real work." I started out as the youngest employee, and when I retired from my "part time position", I was the oldest employee....go figure!

I had heard over the years from past retirees that the days will "fly" by, and that you will not be able to comprehend how you were actually able to "fit in" an eight hour work day into your current schedule.... I did not think that this was possible..... well, guess what, it is possible..... and it has been happening to yours truly.....Ricardo!

Ten weeks have flown by as if they were ten MINUTES!

I go to bed later, get up later, take longer to do things, anything! Before you know it it's lunchtime, and I am just stepping in to take my morning shower that used to be taken at 6:00 A.M.!

I guess that I have really fallen into this "laid back mode"...... I think I'm liking it!

The problem arises because my other half is still in "the rat race", so we are on different pages, which has been creating some difficulties...... gotta get her to "pull the trigger" as well..... we will see what happens down the road..... for now, I am planning my "spring flower plantings", and for now, all is good!

Wendy: Ricardo, So happy for you.

Now, I don't want to totally burst your bubble -- but you are still in the Honeymoon Phase. Grin!

You are past the "vacation phase", nobody gets a ten-week vacation; maybe into a leave-of-absence phase without an end date... not sure what you'd call the three-month phase!

I DO hope you'll report back in 3 months, 6 months, etc. Very curios to see where retirement leads you, especially since you started to blog before you retired.

You MIGHT be lucky enough to not have retirement phase you -- especially since you did think long and hard about the process. I hope so!

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