Three Years Retired

by Wendy

Wendy, Just relaxing, Summer 2012

Wendy, Just relaxing, Summer 2012

Mid-April 2013 - I have completed my third full year of retirement. Woo Hoo!

You can read about my full three years of retirement here, but I now see it all a bit differently than previously reported. Interesting!

I think I chose to write on my website pages, when I was happy with retirement. If I was a bit down, in a rut, I had little to say, sound logical? Sound Familiar? I bet!

My first three years weren't Bad... but they weren't as productive, or active, as I would have guessed they'd have been. Like many of you, I also lost myself...

I help retirees on my website since 2008 -- and I am lost too? I think I was... and I only determined that in hindsight, I just wasn't ME.

My coach training last year required participants to coach and be coached... Hmmmm, I certainly didn't need that. Was I ever surprised how much it helped ME! Just someone to chat with, help me with my goals, and hold my hand while making me accountable. It was a great time of learning (about ME and coaching others). THAT training was the turning point for me!

In the past year, I've started to live more. I've gone through some personal changes and it feels good too!

Some highlights from Year 3 of Retirement:

  • April - December 2012 - Started training to be a Life Coach, with a specialty in Retirement. I decided I finally need to step in and help others through retirement, especially the transition phase I just experienced. I am now a Certified Retirement/Life Coach.

  • May 2012 - Volunteered to be the Food Coordinator for my church's Emergency Homeless Shelter for the second year. It's a week of hard work, much prep work, and totally fulfilling too! Loved it!

  • Summer 2012 - An important event this summer was a simple overnight getaway with two good friends.

    We drove about an hour away to a cottage... stopping for lunch along the way. During the afternoon, we sat outdoors and shared some wine. That's me in the photo on the Lake (in my tie-dyed hippie dress).... its in the background, beyond that tree, but not visible in the photo. Shame... it's Lake Erie and just simply beautiful! We had dinner and attended a small hometown play that night.

    It was a simple time, a wonderful time for simple friendships - I will never forget that blip in time.

  • October 2012 - Attended a website conference and loved every moment! I love to learn new concepts, keeping my brain engaged!

  • November 2012 - April 2013, I've attended six months of Stephen Ministry training for my church and thoroughly enjoyed it. Stephen Ministry is one-on-one Christian Care (the church matches a Stephen Minister with someone who needs help and they meet weekly, one hour, for a year maximum). Its a great program.

  • March 2013 - Believe it or not, an Iridologist/Herbologist from Ohio visited Michigan and read the eyes of many here. He takes a photo of your eye, and then reads the Iris... every little dot and color change means something. We didn't tell him any medical issues, and yet he could see what we had going on. He picked up thyroid, old surgeries, high blood pressure issues in my family members. Kinda weird...

    Most of us purchased his herbs. He is 5th generation herbologist from Ohio. I have 4 mason jars full of herbs and take a teaspoon twice a day. They look like: mud, green gunk from the bottom of a pond, dirty water, and red rock sediments. Grin! I am sleeping better at night and take no naps during the day, I feel more energized. The herbs last for six weeks and we should all have significant improvement (even my mothers 30 year chronic cough should be gone).

  • April 2013 - This may not seem significant for many of you -- but I cut my hair shoulder length. First time I've had shorter hair since I was age 10!

  • April 2013 - I traveled to St. Louis for one-week Stephen Ministry Leadership Training as I will coordinate this new program at our church soon! It was a phenomenal week. I am officially a Stephen Ministry Leader volunteer on a long term basis now...

  • As I post this, Las Vegas is in my near future. Here are my 2012 Las Vegas posts, and I will add more soon!

    Happy Retirement! And this time I mean it -- I intend to be fully engaged this year!

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    Happy Anniversary Wendy!
    by: Goldie

    Joy is more joyful
    by: Anonymous

    Hi Wendy! So glad to hear about your fulfilling goals and taking the leap when opportunities knock in your retirement.

    I am familiar with some of the things you are doing. I used to live in Cleveland and I loved it.( You mentioned Lake Erie. Had many good times there and will always feel my heart is there ) Thanks for updating us on what you are doing.

    Finally, after 8 months, of growth, I will call it, I have reached a peace with retirement and look forward to each day. I chair some meetings and work at my local cancer center in the infusion room as a volunteer. My sweetie of a husband has one more year to teach and then he will retire if all goes well. I look forward to having him home with me.

    Yes, sometimes, it is the simple things in life that mean the most. Your site got me through some rough times, as I came to realize I was no different from many retirees and luckier than many.

    I continue making my grateful lists daily. I now know I have many blessings at this stage in my life. It took me awhile to realize that and get away from the poor mes. :)And your site helped me to see how other retirees were suffering from " retirement shock " also.

    I continue to make myself available when/if needed in a number of areas. My parents were big into volunteering when they retired, so I will carry on the tradition.

    Congrats on your certification as a Life Coach. That is something needed in this society I believe.

    Take care. Hugs from afar, Joy

    by: Irwin

    Happy Anniversary Wendy! Hope you have as many years of happy retirement as Dolly and I have had.

    We are enjoying our 17th year of being retired and will be celebrating 50 years of marriage come May 18 of this year. Woo Hoo!

    Life is fun at this age. All you need do is keep yourself busy which we certainly do. Enjoy.

    by: RIcardo, USA

    Hey Wendy, I just read your updated info re: your last three years, kuddos to you, it sounds as though you are settling VERY nicely....

    I, on the other hand am a "rookie", and am enjoying my freedom without much concern for involvement in anything in the near future.... gettin my "sea legs" so to speak.... testing the waters so to speak.... you know how it goes.... kuddos to you for involvement....

    We'll see what is in store for yours truly as the clock ticks each at his own pace!

    by: Sharyn~~~Waterloo

    Looks like a beautiful spot in the pic. and u must look very attractive with your hair short & u will find your short hair much more easy to manage so u can get on with this life u have managed to event for yourself* Just wanted to wish u luck and looking forward to yur many more contributions to RT on line. Thanx CANADA ***

    by: Mike Yeager

    Wendy, I can't believe it's been three years already.

    One thing about retirement, time plays tricks on you. I've been retired for 3 1/2 years now and the term retirement doesn't quite fit anymore. It's more like "this phase of my life". The activities that I did around my job are now my main activities(Tai Chi, Writing).

    The things you've gotten involved in sound very rewarding. Learning and growing seem necessary for a happy retirement.

    I hope you continue to cultivate a meaningful, happy and healthy "this phase of your life." Mike

    modelling a great retirement
    by: Jeanette

    Your post speaks volumes about making the most of our retirement years. What a remarkable set of accomplishments during Year 3!

    I'm sure that retirement will just get better and better for you as you are spending your time with productive pursuits -- coaching, blogging, working in your church and just having fun.

    I wish you much success in your journey.

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