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Retirement Insider: An Offer for New Retirees
January 10, 2014

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Here in Michigan (USA), we are still blanketed in Snow. We've had horribly cold temperatures here, minus 14 one day! We've never been that cold!

Our kitchen faucet froze that night... luckily we got it unthawed before the pipes burst. We have lived here for 25 years, but never had a freeze like this before.

Today, online, they are showing that Niagara Falls is frozen! Can you believe that? Check out some photos here!

Last week, I revealed my annual goal here: HELPING MORE RETIREES IN 2014. As the week progressed, I kept reading stories and comments left on my site, all related to having lost themselves in reirement. Suddenly, an idea hit me. I am offering a free program called Retired: Who Am I? Check out my thoughts...

Retirement-Online Updates

Irwin shares his own Defeatist Attitude . Please join others in giving him a good old-fashioned kick in the pants so he finds his mojo again!

Ely from Australia shares her thoughts in: What is a Seniors Lifestyle?.

Ricardo shares his Roots.

Larry has a question on Deferred Compensation.

Carie asks about her Ex-spouses pension.

Bee is going through the retirement transition phase herself, and is Glad I am Not Alone.

I welcome your retirement thoughts! Please write and share your retired life, thoughts and ideas with others!

Retirement Online Community

893 members and I approve new members every week. Come and find new friends to write to (privately or in the community)! Why not share life with someone new?

I added a new Pen Pal Ads tab to the community. Instead of searching the database for pals, you can post your own request and see who writes to you, just like the "old days" on my site! Fun Fun!

To a Fun, Amazing, Wonderful, Friendship-Filled Retirement Journey!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Until Next Time, Wendy, having fun! *´¨)
Your Retirement Coach

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