by Ricardo

It started out on February 1st, 1947 on the west side of a large metropolitan city. You might say that these were my roots.

I go back occasionally to that "cold water flat" to just stare at the building that was constructed around 1890, as were most of the building in that neighborhood, most are still standing. It has changed from 1947, from a basically eastern European area, to pretty much Hispanic, and that was many years ago. Now it is being "rediscovered", and is being settled by the younger crowd who cannot afford the pricy downtown "brownstones."

We moved to the western suburbs in 1953 because the landlord raised our rent from ten to twelve dollars a month, and father refused to pay it!

Well, here it is 2014, and I am about to make another move from a town that I have lived in for the last sixty one years.....on to a new adventure.....on to plant some additional "roots!"

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