Where is my spouses pension?

by Carie white
(Det, mi, wy)

After divorce, I was told that I get half of my ex pension.

How does that work? would I get my pension that I work for alone with half of my x pension or just his pension ?

Wendy: IT depends on what you are asking about.

If you are talking about Social Security as a "pension", then you will get the best between: (1) your own benefit based on your work history, or (2) half of his benefit.. assuming you were married at least ten years.

Instead, if you are talking about a pension from an employer,.. maybe your Ex worked for GM or Fords, for example, that is different. You would have received a DRO, Domestic Relations Order, at the time you divorced. IT would explain when you can begin your benefit, and what you will receive. If in doubt, you can contact his employer to ask if you qualify for a benefit.

Hope this helps!

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Pension from ex spouse
by: Anonymous

In my case the DRO worked perfectly. I contacted the pension administrator. I could not collect until he started receiving his benefits. Luckily I knew when that was as our kids keep us informed of important events like retirement.

After the dust settles
by: Chuck

Usually, if it's not in writing, it may not be legal. Check your divorce decree. Read every line, and if you don't understand it, consult a lawyer. If your ex was military, most large bases have a legal office or JAG office you can contact as well.

"I heard" is almost meaningless unless there is some paperwork to back it up. If you don't think your decree was just or fair, you can always go back to court, but it will cost. Depending on the money or property involved, it may or may not be worth it.

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