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Retirement Insider: St. Patricks Day, anyone?
March 07, 2014

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I've always loved St. Patrick's Day. Thirty years ago, I worked with an Irish gal at work. Barb's family had an Irish Breakfast, before work, on St. Paddy's Day ever year. We'd all get green carnation corsages when we arrived, and Irish music was blasting. They served coffee with Baileys Irish Cream, and had simple breakfast food. We had a great time, all before work! Then at lunch, we'd do corned beef and cabbage somewhere. Thirty years later, Terry and I always have corned beef and cabbage for dinner on March 17th. Simple boiled dinner and I Love it!

A few years ago, Geoff from Ireland connected with me and I asked for his St. Patricks story. St. Patrick's Day by Geoff. IF you visit to read his story, don't miss the few definitions at the bottom. Fun Fun!

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Seeking a job? I added a small job search to my page at the bottom. Senior Jobs. I searched "part time" and with my zip code and was surprised to see the jobs available. Can't hurt to look...

Dean is looking for blood donors, specifically Platelet donors. Is this for you?

RIcardo shares his a href="" target="_blank">moving notes and sundry things.

Anonymous is Retired 3 months and happy!

Nina shares her move, Home Sweet Home.

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