Employment for

Retired and looking for employment?

Are you looking to work for financial reasons or just to get out of the house a bit?

Employment for senior citizens is a win-win... for you and the employer.

In today's economy, however, its not easy to find employment as so many are out of work. However, some companies rely on seniors as they are dependable and reliable. Some companies actually work around seniors who are snowbirds, allowing them to work while they are back home. 

One idea, choose to volunteer for somewhere you'd like to work. Sometimes, if they see you are a good worker, they end up hiring you.. happens all the time.

Jobs after retirement? To work or not to work, that IS the question!

What type of retirement jobs are you looking for?

There are lots of reasons to keep working longer, even past your "full retirement age" with Social Security.

Search for Jobs using Indeed.com

Enter the WHAT and your ZIP CODE into the form below and see what jobs pop up.

Who Knows?    YOU might be lucky!

Today, October 2017, I entered "seniors" and my zip and found: 

  • School Bus Drivers (my retired cousin does that) 
  • Life Enrichment Coordinators (offer activities, coordinates volunteers, does parties) and more.  

I was so surprised and hope this helps you too!

I actually had FUN fooling around here. Just to see what's out there that I might consider... there were a few!

Best Wishes!