Attention Blood Donors!

by Dean
(Mt. Juliet TN)

I've been a regular blood donor for over 30 years but recently I tried something new. Recently, after donating blood, I received a call from a representative at the American Red Cross.

She asked me if I had ever considered becoming a platelet donor and I told her no but I would look into it. I learned at the ARC website how valuable one platelet donation can be. One platelet donation can be used for up to 18 applications. Platelet donations are commonly used in the treatment of cancer patients.

While the Red Cross needs and appreciates blood donations, platelet donors are always in short supply. You can donate platelets up to 24 times a year and still be a blood donor!

Well I decided to give it a try. Last Monday I donated platelets for the first time. The experience wasn't bad. What was new to me was the time it took, about 2 hours.

They kept me comfortable and entertained. I watched a movie during the procedure. Nothing like the feeling knowing you are helping save someone's life with so little effort!

If you are already blood donor you may want to consider platelet donations. They have a very good tutorial on the American Red Cross website.

Wendy: You have the opportunity to give someone a longer LIFE. Think of someone you know who faced cancer. It's a horrible medical problem and YOU can actually help! Please consider this!

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by: Steve-California

I've been donating platelets since around 1995. I have given over 400 donations. I think this is the easiest and best way to help someone in real need. I donate now every 2-3 weeks.

If you are a whole blood donor that's great but consider giving platelets. It does take longer but you can watch a movie while your donating.

by: John

I have been giving for the past two years here in Boston and find this is a great way to get caught up on movies.

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