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Who uses a Ret Coach?
Why Find a Ret Coach?

Pssst! I retired in 2010, after over 35 years with County government. I was the Retirement Manager for the last 25 years.  I've worked with retirees for over 40  years now, and I know your problems & issues.

This book explains my Retirement Coaching in detail.  Click the image of the book to automatically download my Retirement Coaching Guide.

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As a Retirement Coach, I feel a deep need to help those who get "stuck" in retirement.

Just when we should be living life on our terms, we feel lost. How and why does that happen?

It happens to many, and I've been there too. One day you are someone at work (doesn't matter if you are CEO, Military or Law Enforcement, Nurse, Teacher, Clerk, Custodian) -- you retire and BAM!

You suddenly, without warning, feel like a Nobody... and that's simply not right!

Who are you and what are you going to do with the rest of your life?

What will you do all day, every day? 

You might want a Retirement Coach if: You feel stuck. You feel anxious about retirement decisions. You need balance in your new retired life.

This happens BEFORE depression hits... if you are clinically depressed, you need a counsellor, therapy, or possibly meds.

Which of These Retirement Issues  Sound Familiar to You?

  • You simply feel lost -- but you can find purpose again. 
  • You are bored to death --  you can look for new interests or renew those from years ago. 
  • You have little to do, all day, every day -- we often study our finances in detail but rarely consider what we will do all day, every day. 
  • You assumed you'd have more time with family & friends but they are still busy working -- or in COVID times, just aren't around.
  • You worry about income, savings, and how long your money will last -- worry accomplishes nothing.
  • You can't sleep well, too many worries -- sleep is really important for your day to day living. 
  • You are looking for purpose and direction -- so many possibilities!
  • You want to find contentment and peace -- it's out there, waiting for you!

  • Retirement is not what you thought it would be -- life is constantly changing, what will you do to move closer to what you had hoped retirement will be? You have many choices, many possibilities!

  • On and On it goes... coaching means  you won't have to go through this.

Live your Retired Years as YOU Choose to Live Them -- YOUR Personal Style of Retirement.

Retirement is different for everyone. Some love to travel. Others want simple lifestyles. Still others want purpose in employment but in a completely different way. 

Getting there isn't always easy... it's not easy pre-retirement to make the decision to walk out the door. It's equally difficult post-retirement when you are in the Now What? stage.

What does retirement mean to you?  You have few obligations. It's your time in life to do what you choose to do -- the problem is you must choose something.

It's best to take action, and not simply to let life and others assume what you want.

Even if your choice is peaceful easy living, you need gardening, a dog, a hobby or two -- something to occupy your time daily and to keep you mentally and physically active.

You can't sit there year after year with nothing... well, you can but you won't live long as you mental and physically decline, right?

If you feel stuck, there is a better way... just takes some out-of-the-box thinking and many ideas will pop into view.

There is LIFE post-retirement and GOOD LIFE too! Possibilities galore if you simply take action to find them.

Even if you have a medical issue, it's your choice to look at life in the best way possible. There is still JOY to be found! You can choose to slowly slide into nothingness -- or not.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  ― Maria Robinson

What is a Retirement Coach?

In retirement, especially in the first few years, we often get "stuck". A Retirement Coach can help you avoid this transitional period of life by taking action instead of feeling so lost.

We don't know what to do all day, every day, or how to fill all those hours when we previously worked. We no longer feel needed, we have no purpose, and we  need to feel fulfilled.  

Coaching is a confidential, comfortable space where you can talk through your thoughts and feelings honestly, without fear of feeling judged.

Afterwards, you can take A-C-T-I-O-N, with or without me pushing you along!

Retirement simply ROCKS after you get back on track... and you might find a completely unexpected lifestyle that rocks your world! Yes, we are aging -- but we still have options on how to spend this Gift of Time to benefit our lives and the world at large.

Retirement Coaching will help you, one baby step at a time.

Your ideas, Your momentum, Your new life!  

It's time to find your New Retired Self and choose LIFE again!

Do you Want to Chat?

Free 30-minute coaching calls -- are  you interested?

You tell me what your issue is, whatever you choose to talk about.

That will be our topic of discussion... we'll chat so you can experience Retirement Coaching for 30-minutes!

Simply chat around whatever bothers you. Stop worry-- where you over-think everything.

Let me add some new perspective and logic to your thoughts so you can find a way out.

Let Me Help You as a Retirement Coach, Mentor, Partner

  • Retirement is a gift... and many don't live long enough to get this gift. Truly a gift!
  • Retirement is a Journey, not a Destination. For many, retirement will last 20-30 years!
  • Retirement is a pathway to new beginnings. So many possibilities, so many paths - what will you do?
  • Retirement is an opportunity for positive lifestyle change. Finally, it's all about YOU!
  • Retirement allows you a new empowering perspective. You are part of a wiser generation that can help others through life.

Why consider hiring me as your Retirement Coach?

First, I am retired -- been there and done that! You can read journey on my About Me page here. 

I was employed for 35 years for local government, the last 25 years as a Retirement Manager.

Post-retirement, I have continued helping retirees on this site for over ten years now.

I know retirement, both personally and professionally. Working in this field, I've encountered many different facets of ideal retirement living and I honor your retired life.

Second, I've worked with retirees for over thirty years. I truly am a Retirement Enthusiast/Coach!

Whether my help is a small step, or a large leap, into your future  -- depends on you and what direction you choose for your life, right? Together -- we can take action into life!

My Certified Life Coach training was through the Life Purpose Institute. I chose that training specifically to help retirees transition into a new retired lifestyle. 

I have also done lots of additional coaching classes in specific fields of mindset, happiness, transformation, mindfulness and more. Never.Stop.Learning. 

I Can Help You.

Ever wish you had a partner behind the scenes, helping with the hard stuff? Let me help you through your life decisions, everyone is different, and I can help you put life into perspective.

This happens through simple chats and emails between weekly calls. We simply talk through your problem and your possibilities. It's Awesome!  Especially when you're tackling some things for the first time.  If you can partner with someone with more experience and perspective, you're skipping over the most common road blocks and seeing results sooner than you could ever achieve on your own.

What holds you back?

Finances are tight - Yes, finances are definitely important but so is your life. If you are seriously stuck, if you are slipping from anxiety into depression -- please think twice! You only get one life.

You need approval from your partner - I hear this often, after all, you both live inside the relationship. All I ask is that you consider what your problems are doing TO your relationship. With help, you could mend a relationship, or choose to end one that isn't in your best interests.

You aren't quite ready - I totally get that. The problem here is: When will you be ready to tackle your problems, instead of letting worries and anxiety control your life? Please don't allow yourself to sink into depression. There are better options ahead.

You feel hopeless, nothing will fix your problems - WOW! This one I've heard many times and yet is the most UN-true of all these thoughts. No matter how low you feel, there are ways to reconnect with life. Find who you were meant to be. It is simply never ever ever too late. 

If you have anxiety, your never-ending thoughts often drag you deeper into the muck of life... depression isn't nice. Anxiety and depression can be helped if you talk to your doctor, please.

You will attempt to do this yourself - Some people do succeed once they become clear what it is that is truly wrong in life. What often happens: We second guess ourselves. We don't trust our intuition or ideas. We procrastinate -- maybe try that idea tomorrow. What happens next? Very little, as many tomorrows pass.

You simply need time to think about it - I totally get this one too. Just like hiring a financial planner, it's a decision. Again, all I can say here is that while you think about it, your life is moving along, maybe not so happily. You can find joy and contentment in life. You can renew your perspectives so that everything becomes new again. 

You are what you think. If you think you can't, you are right, you can't. However, with a few mindset changes, you CAN!

Even if you are anxious to speak to a Retirement Coach, consider this one thing:

If you keep telling yourself -- you hate retirement -- you are bored to death -- you can't lose weight  -- you can't live with your partner anymore -- retired life sucks! You can remain stuck, remain anxious, worried and sad for the rest of your life -- nothing will change until you do something different. You deserve more.

“If you always do what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

― Henry Ford

Don't Waste Another Day of YOUR LIFE -- 
Simply choose your option below.
Talk to me... let's see where life leads you!

Retirement Coach:
$600 for Three Mo. - 4 Weekly Calls/Mo.

$200 per month - $600 total - for 3 consecutive months of Live Coaching - One call each week.

These weekly sessions are via phone or computer.

This is private access to me.

We talk, one on one, totally confidential, digging deep into what is holding you back in retirement. 

This is 3-month Coaching as you want real results. This is not a canned program where one size fits all. It is personalized to you.

You will have homework. You will  do the work to push yourself forward into retired life. You will see changes in your life, as we work through your issues.  This truly is all about you!

Hit the Button below & we will be chatting within days!

$200/month X 3 consecutive months... PayPal will auto-bill you monthly, Start Today!  Boom!

No Refunds. You agree to work with me for three consecutive months.

Let's do this!

Monthly Retirement Coach: $250/mo

$250/month - Coach with me for one month.

These weekly sessions are via phone or computer.

This is private access to me, and we simply talk. One on one, totally confidential, working on one specific retirement issue. 

We will be guided by what your issue is and will attempt to resolve (or have a plan to correct)  that one issue. 

Hit the button below and we can begin coaching!  

I sincerely want to help you find a more meaningful retired life as your Retirement Coach.  What that looks like -- is completely up to you!

I do not offer refunds as I am spending my valuable time working with you. You control what you get out of this coaching, you control your time and efforts, and I hope you dive into this with the same enthusiasm that I will!

Working Towards Your Best Retirement...

Retirement is a Journey -- Not a Destination!