Home Sweet Home

by Nina Yakimiuk
(London, England)

Sold my huge house and moved only 10 minutes away! What I didn't want is to move far away from my friends. Since I live alone with my daughter away in Holland and my relatives in the USA...well having friends close by is very important. They were like family when I lost my husband and still are. The house is small but easy to take care of....

One of my friends has 8 grandchildren which welcome me when I come to visit. Edward (the youngest son)'s wife has just had a baby boy. Hurray! So I haven't moved too far from them.

As for the future if I need to I can move to one of those "assisted living" co-operatives near me.

I guess I've also become a Londoner since I enjoy the variety of people plus such a vibrant city here.

There is nothing like home...in my heart I think of New Jersey and remember the farm we had. However, for the moment it's nice to be on a leafy road in South London.

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Congratulation on moving into your new home
by: Betty

Hi! Loved your blog. You are fortunate to find a smaller house and still be close to your friends. Enjoy! Betty

Birds of a Feather ....
by: Retd. Prof. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava. C-3, Janakpuri, New Delhi, India

Hi, Ms Nina, I enjoyed reading your post. Congrats on making a wise choice of a new smaller home near your previous larger home close to existing friends. Familiarity is helpful and enjoyable.

I am easy going and can quickly befriend good people wherever I go. At age 71, I may not be able to provide active help but I can be a listener and give mature advice. I do not put down others and am not jealous. When others put me down with their negative comments, I ignore them and smile since I know that they are unable to overcome their negativity. So, I never fear being alone. My long experience of Having taught college students for nearly 45 years also helps. However, there are certain markers of a pleasant place. One must be aware of these in order to enjoy life. Let me give one example of this.

Some 7 years ago, my elder son was searching for an apartment to purchase in New Delhi. We visited a block of some 50 flats in the forenoon. My son had already seen and liked the flat and he wanted my opinion. We found only women and children, no adult men. The gate keeper informed us that most of the men had gone to a hospital to donate blood for a neighbor who was going to have a major surgery later that day. I advised my son to go ahead and purchase that apartment.

Retd. Prof.D.K.Srivastava, 05 Mar.,2014

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