Disability Help: Resources

This Disability Help page will really help you with a variety of resources curated by Public Health Corps. 

Thank you for sharing with disabiities to help the transition easier! I really appreciate your efforts as do the folks with disabilities who access this page! 

Free Ebook on Social Security Disability-- just click!

I wanted to email you to thank you for your webpage, http://www.retirement-online.com/disability-help.html. I'm Julie, and I volunteer with a youth group in my area. We are having a disabilities awareness learning event next weekend for the kids and their families. Your page has some great resources we will be able to use. Thanks a bunch!!
I also wanted to share an article about travel accessibility that my daughter, Lindsay, found while helping me research,  Travel Resources for Disabled Handicapped.  She wants to work with individuals with disabilities when she's older, so I thought her sharing her research online would give her some confidence in her decision.

Best,  Julie Loomis

Great List of Resources to Help You from Public Health Corps:

Guide to Disability Benefits from Disability.gov


Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs

Disability.gov’s Guide to Transportation

Buying a Home | Department of Housing and Urban Development

Guide to Moving for the Disabled

Home Modifications to Promote Independent Living

Home Safety for People with Disabilities

Fire Safety & Disabilities Guide

Home Accommodation Cost Guide for the Disabled

It’s my sincere hope that this information will be useful to your site visitors.

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[1] https://www.census.gov/newsroom/releases/archives/miscellaneous/cb12-134.html