Senior Pen Pals

Find A New Friend Today!

By Wendy Fisher,

I wish you many new senior pen pals that perk up your daily life and they will!

First, if you are seriously interested in finding Senior Pen Pals, I started an email workshop: How to Find Senior Friends, that helps while using this site. Friendships are what LIFE is all about!

Interested in finding new friends? Inky Trail News, is my print newsletter for snail mail and email pals.

I started to publish Inky Trail News 20 years ago, in my mid-30s. At that time, I wanted snail mail pen pals from all over the world, but had a hard time finding them.  Computers and the internet were relatively new, newsletters existed but were lacking folks my age, just nothing helped...

Inky Trail News was born! Ta da!

Here I am, 20 years later, still publishing it... can't quite believe it.

What is Inky Trail News?

A quarterly newsletter designed with senior friendships in mind. 

This is a great newsletter for seniors who don't use the internet much, or who like printed newsletters or magazines. This is a great GIFT too!

This is just one more avenue to find new friends to share retired life with.

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  • Join the Retirement-Online Community here!

  • The Retirement-Online Community email workshop... learn how to use the Community pages to find new senior pals (or read more here)!

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