Disability Retirement

By Wendy Fisher, Retirement-Online.com

So many folks work and suddenly are faced with an early Disability Retirement -- it comes suddenly, and you can't work.

Do you realize that most attorneys will offer you a free session to discuss your disability case?

This is the perfect time to find out whether YOU like the attorney - and they find out whether they believe they can win your case. If they can, they may offer to take your case on "pro bono" basis - meaning you don't pay until you win. At that point, the attorney gets a portion of your retroactive benefits -- but it's often worth it as you get the benefits MUCH faster than if you try alone. The attorneys know how to get this approved, they know the Judges, they really can help you.

Now What?

You apply for disability pensions (if any), like your Social Security Disability Insurance Benefit, or a personal disability policy, or employer disability retirement. Assuming you get approved, you generally live on less, as you had less working years to save for your well-funded retirement.

Hopefully, since you obviously need medical coverage for your disability, you can apply for Medicare, or Medicaid also. We won't get into retirement investment planning on this page... with a disability retirement, it's probably too late to plan.

The bottom of this page has articles written by disability retirees on how they retired and how they live life! You still have a life and need to decide how to be productive and busy... there is life beyond your disability.

You might even consider a retiree blog, like these retirees wrote or go one step further and try a website, for supplemental income.

I hope they provide inspiration to others going through the same lifestyles!

Disability Retirement Stories written by Retirees who have Experienced a Disability

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Retirement: What did I do wrong? 
I worked my 20 some odd years and now having some very bad health issues. In fact another surgery is in store. My job is never going to keep me on. …

Disability Retirement: Injured worker @ 35 
Hello, I am Glen. I was injured at age 35 in the construction trade. I had a couple back surgeries over two years and wasn't able to return to work. Or …

Retirement Disability 
These Retirement Disability stories were contributed by real readers to this site. By offering their own personal stories, they can get both feedback …

Disability Retirement: COPD 
This page is about Disability Retirement and COPD. COPD covers a variety of issues like: (google it and list a few here). In time, I hope others will …

Disability Retirement: MS - Multiple Sclerosis 
This page focuses on Disability Retirement for Multiple Sclerosis reasons. In time, I hope others will post their story so that visitors can learn from …

Disability Retirement soon 
I am 61 and will be leaving my full time job due to health issues. I plan on filing for SS Disability. If not approved by the time I am 62, can I file …

Disability: Courage and Strength 
Yesterday I took my friend to our State-run public transportation board for an evaluation to determine whether he was eligible for a private bus to transport …

My Disability Retirement (8 years before approval) 
I used to be a self managed worker. I was an electrician and a good one at that. This all changed one day when a drunken idiot smashed my face in. …

Disability Can Come at Any Age 
It has been two years since the last time that I worked. Due to degenerative spinal conditions I have been forced to file for Social Security Disability. …

Working online after Disability Retirement 
I have a very good experience to share with you about disability retirement. My only advice to the people who are retired is they should not get depressed …

Being on Disability does Not mean my life is over! 
I am writing this here at 3:15 in the morning. You know why? I cannot sleep. I cannot sleep because I sleep too much during the day; duh!!!! I want …

Disability Insurance, if you can't work any more 
I became disabled in 1998 and I was young 32 yrs old. I had been working as an Administrative Assistant and Accounts Payable Clerk for many years when …

Disability Retirement, with Children, AND a good attitude about life! 
I have been on disability for over 6 years now. When I was 41 I got very sick and spent the next year and a half in and out of the hospital for a variety …

Working Through Early Disability Retirement 
My story isn't typical. I was forced to retire due to disability, which I won't go into much detail over, but didn't plan to retire at the age that …

Heart patient of 20 years 
I am 71 years old and I have had two open heart surgeries. i have been dealing with high blood pressure and cholesterol. plus i have degenerative artery …

Disability Hits Unexpectedly.. Save Save Save! 
I never expected to be retiring with a disability. I figured I'd have a few good years traveling with my spouse before we slowed down to spend more …

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