How To Retire Happy

Do you want to know the secrets on How to Retire Happy? 

Retirees need help to find their happy place, after retirement. This site has become full of all the retirement anxiety stories retirees submit. Here are some ways to reduce retirement anxiety naturally.

I will begin to flood this site with Retirement Happiness Ideas! Your happiness is not my happiness, we all have different ideas on retirement, but there are things we can do to move in more positive directions! You can even Change The World with your small actions!

We are do not live our parents or grandparents retirements. Chronologically we will age, that's life. But we do not have to accept a mundane, nothingness lifestyle. No Way!

What IS Happiness?

My definition of happiness is not eternal bliss... that's simply not realistic. There are ebbs and flows in all of life. BUT -- if you don't change your mindset to look for happiness in life, you can become the grumpy old community retiree. has a definition of:  1) the quality or state of being happy.      2) good fortune; pleasure; contentment;  joy.

I like that definition as they included CONTENTMENT. Happiness can be as simple as lying in a hammock on a breezy summer day... but not everyone lying in that hammock is content. Some are merely stewing about whatever just happened...

Retirement Happiness might mean something as big as a new blog online or something as simple as finding new friends online that you can communicate and celebrate daily life with. Right?

It's all about YOU and YOUR perception of retirement happiness!

It's time to start living your retirement years -- the best is yet to come (even, simply, from the pure comfort of your own home)!  Join me as I find retirement happiness in many different forms, hopefully one that suits YOU just perfectly!


You can start a Gratitude Jar (or Journal) any time of the year. Paying attention to the small things in life that happen to you, or small things you see on a daily walk, can make a huge difference in your Retirement Mindset.

  • See a beautiful tulip in the spring season?
  • Bringing a few groceries to the neighbor who can't get out... priceless paying it forward.
  • Striking church service that warmed your heart?
  • Just Jot It Down... it will open your heart and mind to much more!

Can't Sleep?

These links will discuss reasons retirees told me they can't sleep... and solutions! Find Yourself Below...

27% -- Retirement Transition: Who Am I and What Do I Do All Day?

26% --No Energy, No Purpose, No Focus, No Goals:  Just Day to Day Living (bored)

20% -- Lonely: Need Friends; Family & Friends Busy 

15% -- Money: Low Income, Not Enough Savings, Will It Last? 

10% -- Health Issues

2% -- Other

Naps are healthy!

How to Retire Happy... Start with thinking about solutions, instead of staying in "problem" mode!

Do you have Retirement Goals? I challenged retirees and here are a few responses! I hope they push you into action!

If you are one of those Grumpy Old Folks Who Complain... please stop! You know who you are... Grin! Time for a better life, right?  

If you are stuck in a bad retirement attitude, you need a Retirement Attitude Makeover

Are you stuck in a codependent relationship?

Have YOU written your Bucket List? Your ideas don't have to be BIG - but they should inspire you to take action!

You also need to keep busy after retirement! There are lots of retirement ideas in this email series... just one idea at a time to consider.

Things To Do if You Feel Like Nothing is Working Today...

Free Affirmations... open and read it, print it, edit it and make it yours. The more you repeat it, the more your subconscious will take it to heart. Your life can change!

 I Find Solitude...

 Forgiveness is a Gift!

 The Door is Half Open.