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Just real life retirees writing about their retired life,... real retirees, real life, real issues!

If you want to write your own blog using the Retirement-Online website, this page shows you what others are doing, so that you might get an idea for you own personal blog here (refer to bottom of page)  -- or simply enjoy the thoughts of other retirees!

Brother Bon, a monk from Germany, wrote about Christian seniors and life.  I've lost contact with him... and miss the connection.

Thomas Damron from Texas  writes books, articles and is quite the funny guy (despite living a seriously sad marriage)! Check out his blog here!

Gordon Kinghorn from the UK writes about all aspects of life in retirement. Funny but with very British writing style and humor.  FREE BOOKS OFFERED too!

Sandy Heerkens from NY is a new blogger who writes: "Retirement has given me many opportunities and many challenges." 

Irwin Lengel from FL  enjoys blogging about life, retirement, and more... he is inspirational! Irwin is active in the Community and the Facebook page!

Ricardo Mauzer has documented his Pre-Retirement thoughts here. Most retirees don't think ahead... Now he is retired and continues to share his thoughts.

Loyce Smallwood from Auburn CA is a busy retiree... maybe she can inspire You to take action in your life!

Larry Steward from Johnsonville SC is living the retired lifestyle he and his wife wished for... his story is inspirational!

Mike Yeager in Arizona - This blog is about life in Arizona as a retiree! Mike recently wrote a book too! He has his own blog now too!

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