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Looking for retirement advice and help? Get advice and ideas from me, your retirement host, and from a variety of retirees worldwide, who have "been there and done that" already!

Retirement is a Journey

That's the key - don't assume you are alone in your retirement thoughts.

Get Help -OR- Pay it Forward if you can help another retiree. It only takes one persons words, or personal issue, to help another retiree immensely!

As with any stage of life, there are many lifestyle changes to choose from. There IS light at the end of the retirement tunnel where you CAN find fulfillment and joy in retirement!

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How to Learn More:

This website accomodates three stages of retirement (top of page navigation bar):

  • Retirement Transition - This stage of retirement can last anywhere up to five years (estimated). Some people retire with little down time at all... retirement suits them and they were prepared. Others struggle - we feel anxious, bored, don't know what to do all day so we do nothing, and fall into depression. It's not a good place to be...
  • Already Retired - You are retired, settled into your new lifestyle, maybe for many years now, and simply seek new friends, and new ideas on how to change your retired lifestyle.

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I sincerely hope you find the nugget you need to carry you forward in retired life! Please get involved to learn more about your own retirement, share your retirement problems, and even help other retirees simply by sharing and commenting on their pages.

Happy Retirement!

P.S. I retired April 2010 after twenty-five years as a retirement manager (and 35+ years with one employer). As a retirement enthusiast, I am living through my own retirement transition now! Oddly enough, I am learning more about the REAL "me" now! Why did it take me all these years to stop and think about ME!?

Retirement is a Journey --
Not a Destination!

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