Leg and Back Pain... a home remedy for night time Leg Cramps and more.

by Wendy

News article on Soap in the Bed for Leg Pain

News article on Soap in the Bed for Leg Pain

Try this home remedy for Leg and Back Pain...

This is a very odd home remedy for foot pain, back pain, pains where your toes or calves get cramps in the middle of the night...

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Many years ago, I had cramps in my calves and toes many nights. It hurt! I'd jump out of bed, middle of the night, to bounce up and down until the muscles calmed down -- or just sit there massaging them.


At some point, I read in the newspaper about this odd home remedy for foot pain (foot cramps). It was written by Dr. Peter Gott (who has newspapera columns)... and when I searched online for him, I found a forum with oodles of folks who were saying this odd method worked for them. I tried to find it today, and there is lots out there but the original forum I found must be buried (it's been years now).

Some had leg/foot cramps like me, others had back injuries, and on and on. A few said it didn't work... but I can only say this does work for me and lots of other folks. It's worth a try for you!

WHAT YOU DO: I started to put tiny bars of hotel soap in my bed, towards the bottom, under the sheets. You simply put soap bars between the mattress and the mattress pad or sheet. That's it... Pretty odd, right?

For some odd reason, you
can't use dove or deodorant soap, but most other soaps will do. I say hotel soaps as they are small and flat, but you can use whole bars too... whatever works for you.

OK, yes, it sounds totally weird, and Dr. Gott had no explanation on why this seems to help folks, but it did.

For ME, personally, I've had soap in the bottom of my bed for years now.... and no more foot cramps.

Before I did this, when I first got out of bed, my feet made little cracking noises as I walked down the hall... that doesn't happen any more either.

One more thing -- in 2009, I broke my right wrist in two places. At night, it ached a bit. One night, I thought of the soap... got out of bed, moved it from the bottom of the bed up to where my wrist was. I swear, in ten minutes, I had no ache.

My words from 2009: "OK, I'm losing my mind, I know... but honestly this morning, I can't believe how good it feels, my wrist bends more than it did yesterday too. No my wrist isn't 100% of what it was before the break, but that one night of sleeping on soap sure seemed to help it. The jury is out -- we'll see what happens this next week!" Today, my wrist (with no therapy after the cast came off) is just fine. No pain, no stiffness.

Hey -- it's worth a try.

If it doesn't work as a home remedy for your foot pain, just use the soap. If it does, leave it there!

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by: Barb

I'm definitely going to try it!

Wendy: If you do and it works, DO report back here. I'd love to know it helps someone else.

I've had soap in my mattress for years now... and it doesn't help everyone, but it does help many!

Best Wishes!!

leg & toe cramps
by: Anonymous

Try eating half a bannana a day.

Soap in bed for cramps
by: Wilma

I am glad to see you print the article about soap for leg cramps. I have been doing this for several years with great results.

I noticed when I put heavy flannel sheets on the bed for cold weather it didn't work as well so I put the soap on top of the sheets. When I go back to lighter weight sheets I will put it back under the bottom sheet. I also put a bar in my pillow case for stiff neck, etc.

Wendy WOW.. I am so surprised that you do this too! It does work, unexplainable, but it does work!!

Soap Trick
by: Goldie

I was a skeptic, but this simple cure seems to really work. Does anyone have a home remedy for tight, stiff, painful back/neck muscles?

Wendy Goldie, Try the soap again! Heck, if it works for leg cramps and pain, it might help for back and neck too. I know others had back pain relief on other websites from soap under the mattress...totally unexplainable, but it seems to work!

Water does it!
by: Anonymous

It's great that the soap trick works for you guys, but for me water is best. No, you don't water the bed!

You water your body, that is, drink lots of water during the day, 6 -8 glasses, and you will never have cramp at night again. Of course, you'll spend half the night on the toilet...

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