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When we retire, we find that no longer will we be following a set 9 to 5 daily routine. No longer will we be required to show up, perform, and return home only to resume the same monotonous routine day after day after day! Now, with our career behind us, we will be welcoming each day as another new adventure.

However, now that we have decided it is time to retire - how do we express our gratitude for that which has made up part of our lives for so many years? How do we thank the many people that have affected our lives during this span of time? 

We prepare a retirement speech.

A speech that will not only mention important milestones and anecdotes pertaining to our career, but one that will also speak about others who have been important in our career, as well as special friends made along the way. Not only do we mention those individuals but we also must make mention of our spouse who stood by our side during this time period, if that is applicable.

Retirement speeches might cover many aspects of ones’ career and should be created by being as original as possible.

Topics that should be covered include:

  • The greeting to put your audience at ease

  • Milestones regarding your career: achievements and promotions earned during your many years of service

  • Special acknowledgement of those family and individuals (coworkers, supervisors, managers and the like) who have been important in your career

    As we all know, life in and of itself is a journey and the span of one’s career is but one part of that journey. Many special friends are made during the span of a career and it is during this retirement speech that they could/should also be recognized.

    In many cases, much of what we accomplish during our careers would not have been done had it not been for the support of our spouses and thus, if applicable, they too should receive appropriate accolades as well.

  • Closing a retirement speech: think of positive things to say to your audience. Remind them that while working is good, dreams of living an easier life, one with less stress and more fun awaits each and every person up to the challenge.

    Finally, a retirement speech, does not have to be all that stuffy though. You can do it with a humorous twist to keep the retirement event fun!

    After all, now is the time when the person retiring is looking forward to enjoying the pleasures of the world, hopefully with the savings made from this lifetime of hard work. Now is the time to spend some quality time with family and friends.

    Best Wishes!

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