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Retirement Insider: Las Vegas, Here I Come! Woo Hoo!
June 04, 2015

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The week is flying by! I am leaving on Monday for Las Vegas for ten days. Terry and I haven't been on vacation in a year and a half. Geesh! He even retired last July, almost a year now, and we STILL didn't go anywhere.

While there, I will attend Dennis Beckers event: earn1kadayseminar It's a smaller, more intimate, event compared to NAMS... and this is my first time. Excited and a little scared, Introvert Wendy, ya know...

While I'm in Vegas, I'm going to post photos on my trip. Terry and I intend to eat lunch at a different ethnic restaurant (or something different from our norm) daily... will we do it? Not sure.. but it would be FUN if we do. **No More Buffets, Wendy!** Anyone want to follow along when I post photos? This is my Facebook page... follow me!

I am a little reluctant to leave for Vegas, I've got a friend who is very ill and weak. Phyllis, Karen, and I have dinner weekly... Phyllis actually hired both Karen and I at the County in 1973 and 1975, respectively. Right now, she is really weak, but is getting better in a rehab facility. A brand spanking new one too... it's really nice (as rehabs go). I just hate to not be here for her. I am visiting daily now, to keep her eating (it's darn good food too!) Please send prayers for her... I'd really appreciate it. Every prayer counts!

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On to the new stories...

Retirement-Online Updates

Retirement-Online NEWS - Updates every Monday!

Ken McArthur wrote this in a Facebook Post, and I asked permission to share with you! Things To Do if You Feel Like Nothing Is Working

Alison shares Fear is the Enemy!

Nelly from Malasia writes: Lost in the Future of Retirement. Yeppers, even in Malaysia, different lifestyle, same issues!

Scott says, My Desires have been Quenched. C'mon retirees, let's un-quench him!

Charles from S. Africa shares: Lifes Threesome Story.

Charles also shares, A Positive Mind is a Mine of Creativity.

Cyndy asks, What's Next?

Mike wrote, My Retirement Story.

Dave says: Another Retiree...

Debora has a decision: Leaving Children and Grandchldren for Another State Hours Away.

Lynn shares her thoughts: There is a World Out There...

RIcardo challenges you in: Saying Good-Bye!

As always, I welcome your retirement thoughts! Please write and share your retired life, thoughts and ideas with others! HELP AND BE HELPED.. or simply share some FUN!

Online Business Updates

Home Business Ideas: moved under the Retirement Online site now. Same stuff, just part of the larger site. If you are considering a home based business, there are oodles of ideas for you. Fun Fun!

I wrote my first two Kindle books after I purchased the . Kindle Ritual course. A few of you have purchased the course, so I am asking... if you've written a Kindle book, please hit REPLY and tell me. I will feature it in this newsletter next week! Thanks!

Retirement Community

Join the private Community and find new friends!

Just posted today that we now have 1400 members. Sometime this weekend, I will start to charge a nominal fee to join the community. If you have considered, but never do it... this is your fair warning. Jump in or pay! I need my retiremente site and community to pay for itself... so this is happening and soon!

Some retirees are blogging in the community, others leave messages (privately to one person or group posts, some write pen pal ads or respond to those already out there. Lots of ways to connect in the Community!

To an Amazing, Fun, Friendship-Filled Retirement Journey!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Until Next Time, Wendy, having fun! *´¨)
Your Retirement Coach

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