Things To Do if You Feel Like Nothing is Working Today ...

by Ken McArthur

Are you at the End of YOUR Rope?  Free book, bottom of page!

Are you at the End of YOUR Rope? Free book, bottom of page!

This was a Facebook Post by Ken McArthur and I asked for permission to post here. Please read to the end -- and if you are someone who is at the end of your rope, please go to the website and download the free book. I did.

Ken is the real deal and makes a Huge Impact on the World.

Pick an item below and do it today! Thanks! Wendy

Things to do if you feel like nothing is working today ...

1. Call a friend.
2. Change your surroundings.
3. Sing a song.
4. Realize that even if you don't survive, you will get through this.
5. Tell someone you love them.
6. Give a gift.
7. Volunteer for something.
8. Scream at the top of your lungs until you can't scream any more.
9. Pray
10. Remember a time that was good.
11. Forgive someone.
12. Give something up.
13. Do something on your bucket list.
14. Drive.
15. Listen to great music.
16. Encourage someone.
17. Meditate.
18. Read a good book.
19. Make something beautiful.
20. Get a dog.
21. Write a poem.
22. Change jobs.
23. Eat ice cream.
24. Take a walk.
25. Take a day off.
26. Forgive yourself.

Get started right now. And remember ...

The key to feeling better yourself, is making someone else feel better.

You can do that right now by sharing the link below with someone who is at the end of their rope. It will make them feel better and you will too!

Just send them to:

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Purpose and Needs
by: Ricardo/U.S.A.

My thoughts on life and purpose have changed over the last several years, especially since I have retired.

Materialistic "drives" that I once had have now taken a back seat in that vehicle. Clothing for example was very important to me. I probably acquired forty or fifty sweaters over the years.

I had always liked shoes of various styles to go with various outfits. I probably have at least sixty pairs of shoes that I now seldom wear.

On occasion I will look in my closet at all the clothing articles that were SO important once upon a time and now simply take up room in a large walk in closet.

In the winter months I live in "sweats", they are comfortable. When the weather warms up, I am in shorts and a tee shirt. I wear flip flops in the summer and an old pair of torn deck shoes in the shoe collection just sits there in a closet with clothing seldom worn.

I say all of this to suggest that once the chase is over, then what?

There could easily be a "void" or an empty feeling.....a disappointment if you will! What to achieve now?

"Things" as I am slowly finding out are NOT what are important in our lives. Experiences, friendships, health, laughter are SO much MORE important than that new car, that big house, that closet filled with unused clothing, that Rolex on your wrist!

If I were to make a current bucket list, it certainly would not contain many "material" things. It would contain things that often times money cannot purchase.

I am perfectly contented now to walk around the lake near our home in my flip flops and shorts and appreciate the birds and trees and life in a little less complicated piece of the world.

I guess that I have finally found my "purpose" and my "needs", it"s comfortable and it feels good!

Let's hope that ALL of us in this OH so short life finds "purpose" in whatever we choose to feels good!

Great List
by: Gail/Carlsbad

Best item on the list is " Get a dog". But it could be "Get a Cat".

The idea is to have something that is responsive to your love and caring, that requires YOUR response.

Things to do
by: Irwin Lengel - Lakeland FLn

Excellent piece. Heading towards my 75th birthday, I know of what you speak. But then I take the time to think of others and realize that many in this world have it worse than I do and so I pull myself up by my bootstraps and do one of the many things you have listed per your article and get ready to face another day.

Good news is - it works!

Thanks for sharing.

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