A positive mind is a mind of creativity.

by Charles Palmer-Allen
(South Africa)

Growing up in a home of struggle and poverty, taught me one great lesson, and that is to fight for what you believe in.

Walking the difficult road of survival teaches one to never fall within the worlds production line of imitation, but to accept and know that each one on this blue planet earth is unique and therefore is an original and important link to life.

Whether young or old and grey, we all have a responsibility to care for each other and to use the use our given talents to the benefit of all life on earth with a positive mind which opens the door of creativity.

Whenever any negative thought enters the mind, see it as the switch to switch on the light of positive thinking and no matter what, whether poor or rich, you will always remain an important and unique link within the chain of life.

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Positive mindset.
by: Julie in Australia.

I agree with this article. It is great to fill the mind with positive thoughts. If you wake up, you did not sleep in, if the world is still here, and the car starts, think--"The assassins have failed again! Whatever happens today, I'll manage!" (Like an adage). Imagine worst case scenario, how you'll manage, then enjoy today.

Cheers from Julie.

by: Loyce!

Challenging childhood and challenging marriage have contributed towards my evolving into a very strong individual. When given bowling balls to handle, develop muscle. Life is filled with battles and some we win and some we do not.

by: Alison

What a wonderful post...and a wonderful way to look at it all..
if only...we could always hold words like this, dear to our hearts...Very Nice..!!!

by: Loyce!

Agreed: Engage with those who are positive/upbeat/giving and interesting.

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