There is a world out there

by Lynn

I've been a member of this general group for quite a while. I also go to the local dogparks regularly to bring my dogs and I listen to retired people there.

I am beginning to think older people are in insulated, selfish, self centered bunch of people.

There is a world out there and I rarely see it mentioned and when I try to start a discussion about what is going on in our country and the world people criticize or ignore me.

I guess all the stuff about cooking, weather, pets is interesting...but it should NOT be (in my opinion) the entire focus of a person's life.

I realize that it can be upsetting to see what is happening the in the world. The U.S. , once the shining beacon of liberty and prosperity, is being transformed (not just by Obama but by most of the presidents since Woodrow wilson) into a communist tyrannical country. That's one reason we see so many citizens killed by police (some were criminals but some were NOT).

Then the world: why are churches and folks in general not mentioning the Christians being murdered all over the middle East...Does no one care or know or are they wanting to keep blinders on?

Personally I take the online Hillsdale college free classes and donate to Hillsdale ad the one major college in the country wanting to educate the young people about what the Founders wanted for this country and why it was once so prosperous.

I campaigned for Ron Paul when he was the possible Republican candidate and do what I can to discuss events with people...because of poor vision I do not drive anymore so my ability to volunteer is impacted.

Oh well, answer this if you care to ignore it if you care too, I just had to get this off my chest.

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by: Lynn

Thanks both of you for your comments

Maybe, just maybe...
by: Gail - Michigan

seniors aren't so self-centered, selfish and uninterested - maybe they just don't want to hear what you have to say (again). Maybe they don't share your world or political views and maybe they are tired of hearing you expound on them.

I know someone similar who never tires of telling us about Hillsdale (a far right bastion of uber-conservative thinking), what is wrong with the world, President Obama, the younger generation, how we're all going to hell in a hand basket and how 'right' they are about everything. Amazingly, no one wants to be around them! Go figure.

Meanwhile, we selfish seniors have lots to talk about, and a positive world view that remains hopeful and focused on productive pursuits that bring pleasure to us and to others. Who would you rather be around?

Just sayin'...

My 2 cents
by: Wendy

I would guess it depends on where you are at...

First, many people (both young and aging) don't discuss politic, religion, etc as it only serves to divide people in friendly settings.

Second, this site is about retirement -- so those are the issues we post on here.

There are lots of places (online and offline) where people love to debate and where those discussions take place. Visit a political site and there are many ready to dicussion every aspect of news with you. You simply need to find the right forum for the discussion.

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