Saying Goodbye

by Ricardo

I certainly have said my share of goodbyes in my many in fact to number or remember.

My first "goodbye" was my paternal grandfather, probably back in 1958. Death and all its' aspects were new to a young boy at that time. I hardly thought that years later I would learn to accept this concept of death. That life in fact has a beginning as well as an end.

I do not embrace the concept of death, but I am learning the inevitable aspect of it. I guess of most importance is what we do with the time in between birth and death. The uncertainty of the unknown is difficult to grasp.

For now I am focusing on "today", and trying to give back to others the gifts that I have received over my lifetime!

If we never reach out to say "hello" in life, I suppose we will never have to say "good bye"...... but wouldn't that be a dull life?

Happy spring to one and all......savor the day and reach out and say "hello!"

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by: Linda C. - Annapolis, MD

I like you, Ricardo! Your post was short but sweet and I love your attitude/view :)

You say Hello and I say Goodbye
by: James

Kind of reminds me of the Beatles hit song: Hello Goodbye. But, it is important to say hello and to say goodbye.

Beautifully said
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

So thought provoking thank you for posting this

by: Wendy

Hello RIcardo!

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