My Retirement story

by Mike
(Chicago, IL)

I was forced into retirement, but had been thinking about it anyway when it happened.

At first, I was glad to be free from a difficult employer. Seems to me that as an older person 62 yrs. old, I find myself an undesirable employment candidate.

I have tried to volunteer, but I find that the volunteering I have done has been for good organizations that want you to do what they don't want to do. I wonder why they think I would want to do what they don't care to do?

Regardless, I am also prone to depression and anxiety, so I struggle with those things as well. Being a somewhat shy person doesn't help.

I would like to connect with others. I do find that routine helps and keeping up the house and tasks helps somewhat.

On a positive note, I planned well for retirement, so I don't have financial worries.

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by: Roxanna

Retired in October 2013. I am finding retirement very challenging. I have gone back to school at local community college which is great because it gives structure to the week.
More later,

Please tell us more...
by: Leigh

Hi Mike, read your blog but was a little dismayed that it really doesn't tell us much about you personally. In order to get a feel for who you are we need the ability to get a better perspective on ways to help you.
Not at all wanting to be nosy, just helpful.

What kind of work did you do, and did you like the work?

What kind of things do you enjoy doing?

Traveling, hiking, like group activities or solo. What sort of people are you comfortable around.

I'm sincere in these questions because I know by readin many, many blogs that alot of us feel lost and sometimes depressed when we retire, whether it is by choice or not and losing the routine or structure we've been familiar with.

Would really like to help.

Linda - Central Florida
by: Goldie

Your story is one of absolute betrayal.
Please join us in our online "Friendship Here!" Retirement community. Just click on the right side of this page.
I would love to be your penpal!

I am in the same boat
by: scott roberts, the villages, Florida

Mike, I would love to share stories with you. I am similar to you. Could you email me at Scott Roberts

Still figuring it out
by: Linda, central Florida

I ,too, retired rather involuntarily. At least not in the manner I had planned.

After 46 years of marriage, 2 children and 4 grand kids, my husband asked for a divorce. I later learned he had been cheating on me, a huge shock to say the least!

I negotiated a good settlement, moved to Florida from Massachusetts and retired all in one year! Talk about G transition. But I am intelligent, and apparently resilient. I bought a lovely house near my sister, but find myself living her life not my own. We eat together4-5 nights week (my BIL is welcoming but I am a fifths wheel no matter!).

I battle depression too, but at this point I am more bored and looking for purpose!

Just not really interested in much aside from a little gardening, reading aND WRITING (journaling). Not putting myself out there to meet new friends , can't shake this inertia.

Anyone have any suggestions??

by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I can so relate to your experience of being forced to retire and volunteering. However, after I retired from my 35 year nursing career and was so lost the first year as I do not enjoy clubs and large groups.

Most of my friends were through work so those too were gone with only a few staying in touch. I had to do some deep thinking and decide where to from here.

I began to play with gardening which I never had time for or interest in during my working years, now I love it and over the past 3 years and the latest major yard project am so pleased with my efforts.

I spend a great deal of my days alone, I do keep my granddaughter one day a week. I love to read and connect with people online in certain safe ways. I do have a beautiful neighborhood and a good neighbor. I focus on the positive and walk a lot this is good for us and clears the cobwebs.

Keep trying and live abundantly

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