A lifetime....up until now

by Ricardo

Ricardo is a new blogger on this retirement website, sharing his Retirement Journey with us!

Well, now that I am closing in on retirement, my present life appears to be one of considerable retrospection...it seems to be consuming my waking hours.

I look in the mirror and realize much to much time has passed, and much of it wasted on frivolous inconsequential things.....oh the importance of time!

I have learned at this "moment in time", just how very precious it is, a "jewel to be cherished", and savored, as one would fine wine. I started sharing some things at this web site on occasion, and it seems as though the "juices have been revitalized"....thanks in part to Wendy and her encouragement.

I suppose over the years I have been a frustrated author, poet, call it what you may, but I digress. The subject matter of this web site is to share insights with individuals approaching or in retirement. Since I have never been in this place in my life before, I really do not know how to act, what to say, or how to respond to the feeling that are pouring over me and flooding my emotional make up.

I guess that I am entering "A BRAVE NEW WORLD."

Many have gone before and many will follow. Some, less fortunate than the ones reading this print, will have never made it to this spot on the journey in life. I reflect back on friends, relatives and acquaintances that have crossed my path in life that passed on much to soon. Yet, everyone has "touched me", one way or another, and I am a better person for having known them....may they all "rest in peace."

I got involved in life and all its trials and tribulations, as many of us have. I now find myself nearing yet another chapter in this authors life. It of course will be what I make it, good, bad, indifferent....with no one to blame but myself....it will in fact be "A BRAVE NEW WORLD", with freedom to do as I choose.....some untested waters.

I am testing those waters almost on a daily basis....I never was a very agile swimmer. We shall see in the weeks and months to come how I am adjusting to the "waters." Adieu for now!

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Wendy" Ricardo, the part I bolded is so true! I remember thinking the same to myself -- what the HECK, I've helped so many retire, and yet I suddenly feel odd at work, don't know where I am headed, or who I am? What the HECK? Been there and done that!

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