Aging Brain

The aging brain – a subject we all tend to think of as we get older. Will our bodies wear out before our brains or is there a way to keep both in good shape?

As we age, we learn about diet, exercise, social activities, and the like, all with the same ulterior motive – pay attention to them and we will live longer. Same holds true with our aging brains. By becoming more creative and assuming more tasks that require us to challenge our brains, it has been found that we may just add years to our lives by doing so.

Take a peek at the video found at the following website:

There are quite a few articles being circulated today about diet and exercise which provide information as to how and what we need to do to keep our bodies in shape. But what do we do about the aging brain? The CNN website discusses the older brain and suggests that getting older just might be awesome!

None of us that have attained the age of “senior citizen” (whatever that age might be) want to call ourselves old. Age is but a number. We tend to think of ourselves as young... and I like that!

We all tend to want to reverse the way we look today and try to regain the shape and strength of say middle-age. But what about our brains? Can they too be reversed so as to be able to tackle new problems with the vim and vigor we had years ago. The following website suggests that to reverse the effects of aging on the brain, we should look to the noble bee.

Remember some of the old westerns or movies of other cultures. Who did they refer to when they needed a wise response to a question? The elders! Why do you think this was? Many cultures of long ago found wisdom with their elders. This video discusses why and how our minds age.

While I had intended to write an informative article about the older brain, fact of the matter is, after reviewing the articles written and videos presented on many of these websites, I am inclined to point out that, in the words of an old cliché: “The jury is still out!”

Each of these articles/videos reveal just how important the brain is. We know the heart must continue to pump to keep us alive. Fact of the matter is, without the brain, the entire body would shut down and we would cease to exist. So, bottom line, we need to pay attention to our aging brains as well.