What is YOUR Brain Age?

What's your brain age?  Are you still using your brain effectively?  Use it or lose it! Right?

We all age differently, and yes, when you are old-old, into advanced ages, your brain does slow down a bit... but LOOK at the huge accomplishments these well-known folks achieved at older ages!


Please don't think about how old you and your brain is.. just jump in there and DO whatever it is you choose to do... They did!

Just LOOK at the accomplishments of these seniors... quite amazing! Society tends to think of seniors as no longer having the creativity or abilities they previously had, but that concept is quite false!

Achievements at An Advanced Age

At 100, Grandma Moses was painting.

At 94, Bertrand Russell was active in international peace drives.

At 93, George Bernard Shaw wrote the play Farfetched Fables.

At 91, Eamon de Valera served as president of Ireland.

At 91. Adolph Zukon was chairman of Paramount Pictures.

At 90, Pablo Picasso was producing drawings and engravings

At 89. Mary Baker Eddy was directing the Christian Science Church

At 89. Arthur Rubinstein gave one of his greatest recitals in New York's Carnegie Hall.

At 89. Albert Schweitzer headed a hospital in Africa.

At 88, Pablo Casals was giving cello concerts.

At 88, Michelangelo did architectural plans for the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli.

At 88, Konrad Adenauer was chancellor of Germany.

At 85, Coco Chanel was the head of a fashion design firm.

At 84, Somerset Maugham wrote Points of View.

At 83, Aleksandr Kerensky wrote Russia and History's Turning Point

At 82, Winston Churchill wrote a History of English Speaking People.

At 82, Leo Tolstoy wrote I Cannot Be Silent.

At 81, Benjamin Franklin effected the compromise that led to the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

At 81, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe finished Faust.

At 80, George Burns won an Academy Award for his performance in The Sunshine Boys.

So, now, what's your brain age (I'm 54 going on 25... grin!)

Go for it!